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  1. Exterior Parts
    Azure blue or any color shaker hood wanted.
  2. Fuel System & Related
    sale is a new , never installed shaker hood scoop and bracket. no intake tubing :eeek:
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    For sale is the dual trunk sub and the 4 accompanying amps out of a 2007 GT500 with the Shaker 1000. $250 obo. Email [email protected] for pictures/info.
  4. Modular Engine Parts
    Picked up a full air intake set up off a Mach this weekend. Looking for 350 plus actual shipping on everything from the intake tube to the shaker system. Everything but the hood.. Call or text Matt for pics or info 5852088048
  5. S197 Mustang GT (2011-2014)
    well, i love my car, but i hate my stereo. i've heard a lot of people are very disappointed with their shaker stereos, just like me, so i want to fix that. unfortunately, i've been looking online for the last 2 hours trying to find the exact size of all the speakers for my 2013, with no luck...
  6. Modular Engine Parts
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a 2004 mach 1 K&N Cold air intake and a complete 04 Shaker set up i'm looking to get rid of. I'm supercharging and intercooling so I no longer need the K&N, and my after market heat extractor hood won't clear the shaker system. I'm asking $300 for the Shaker set up...
  7. S197 and Coyote Parts
    This is a used BlitzSafe Can M-Link 2 adapter. WTF does that mean? It means you can listen to and control your iPod / iPhone / iPad / iWhatever through your stock 05-06 Mustang stereo. Relatively easy to install (took me 2 hours, but I was drinking (kidding) (not kidding)). It kicks ***. Buy it...
  8. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted 2005-Present
    SOLD! 2007 GT/CS California Special Mustang I am the first owner of this Mustang. It currently has 13,xxx miles. I have had absolutely no problems with this car. Oil changes frequently and documented with car. It also comes with a clean carfax report. Every option w/shaker 500 Sirius...
  9. Power Adders For Sale
    Upgrading to a super charger, need to sell my Shaker Intake. The hood (2008 GT) is also available.
1-9 of 9 Results