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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    Not sure which fork this is but if you know how to replace it then I'm sure you know which one this is lol To reduce the shipping I will knock out the pin so the shaft and fork are in two pieces. $19 shipped
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    Good used T5 10 spline input shaft with bearing on it. Bearing spins good, came out of a working trans. $55 shipped Everything below is NEW still in the boxes.... 2 Oem Ford diff spider shafts One box has just the cross shaft The other box has shaft, retaining bolt, and 2 c-clips Both are in...
  3. General Mustang Tech
    I simply remove the steering shaft, pounded the rag joint off, cleaned it up and welded a 3/4 - Smooth x 3/4 - 36 Spline U-Joint in its place. I also drilled a hole down the middle and pinned it with a 3/8 Grade 8 Bolt. You can find this U-Joint at many retailers. 3/4-36 Spline is the end...
  4. General Mustang Tech
    Long story short I blew up 3rd gear in my 94 cobra. I had access to a good fox t5 so I swapped input shafts from the 94 t5 into the fox t5. It drives and shifts great, however every gear whines really loud except 4th gear. It did NOT do this prior to the input shaft swap. I'm going to pull the...
  5. Suspension
    Just like the title says. Flaming river manual rack for SN95 complete from tie rod end to tie rod end billet knuckle and shaft this is a complete kit and has about 5k miles on it. $400 shipped to lower 48 states I dont get on here real often anymore so its best to text me 217 621 3643 i...
  6. Drivetrain Parts
    You can text for a faster reply or pm me 848 210 7714
  7. Drivetrain Parts
    FOR SALE: Used PA input shaft, p/n PA26405 26 spline, like new condition $143 on Summit $100 w/ shipping 5034810229
  8. Drivetrain Parts
    We have a few brand new 1994-2004 Mustang axle shafts available for just $149.99/pair while supplies last!!!
1-10 of 11 Results