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  1. General Mustang Tech
    After installing an aftermarcket steering wheel the speedo quit working. Deleted the horn/cruise control. Would the new wheel cause the VSS to fail? All wires are capped and tucked away. I also got rid of the radio.(radio harness isn't plugged into a radio is all.) -Thank you in advance.
  2. Fuel System & Related
    Ford Motorsports 70mm plastic mass air sensor calibrated for 30lb injectors for Fox mustangs. This is a hard to find piece, so I'll explain what it is. Ford Part M-12B579-A70 Came on 1993 cobras, and was later sold by Ford SVO division as aftermarket. It has a fox body electrical connecter, so...
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    I'm looking for both rear ABS sensors for a '94 Cobra. 979-709-2508
  4. Electronics and Entertainment
    C & L Mass Air Meter 76 mm Has the "clear" #101 tube in it which measures 0.565" in and out I believe this means it is calibrated for 24 lb injectors? Also has a sensor in it, labeled: E9ZF-12B579-AA, AFH55-03, 8G13 $80 shipped
  5. Rims Wheels and Tires
    I've got oem ford tpms sensors, bands, and sensor holders from a 09 gt. They had 5000 miles on them when I took them out of the wheels. I've had them sitting in a ziploc bag since I removed them and just found them the other day. They were on 17 inch wheels. The bands ,sensors, and holders are...
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    WTS: J&S Electronics Knock controller for boosted or non-boosted engines. This is the universal unit. Kit is brand new, never installed. Kit comes with the gauge and sensor kit which was extra as seen on the invoice. I never installed this unit on my supercharged engine and now don't need it...
  7. GT & SOHC
    Well my car has a weird Idle it seems like. also it idles up SOMETIMES when i push in the clutch. It idles at about 1300 rpm while i drive and when i push in the clutch and switch gears it idles at 1300. when i come to a complete stop it idles down to 850. with the clutch in or out, driving...
  8. Modular Engine Parts
    I'm looking for a thermostat housing for a 96-98 Cobra. I may be interested in other cooling stuff. I already have a radiator and overflow tank. Let me know what you have and how much. thanks
  9. Fuel System & Related
    Hello, I am either wanting to sell or trade my 30lb injectors (high-flow rate fuel injectors by Ford Racing) for a mass air flow that is calibrated for 24lb injectors. I took off my supercharger and am down sizing to 24lb injectors (with I already have) but I need a maf sensor. If any one is...
1-10 of 10 Results