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  1. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hello everybody, dont want rant to long but I recently just v8 swapped my 89 coupe, purchased a clean 91 rag top ( 5.0/c4 ) as my donor car. Everything has been swapped over and have sold the shell of the rag top to free up some space in the budget. For the time being im going to be using stock...
  2. Blog
    CONGRATULATIONS to Cory Voss and his team! We love the Scorpion Racing Products decal on the front fender of their awesome Ford Thunderbird! Do you have Scorpion Racing Products decals on your car? Do you have Scorpion Racing Products rocker arms, valve train stabilizers (stud girdles) or...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    Scorpion 1.6 ratio 7/16 stud mount SBF rocker arms part #SCP-1018-BL. BRAND NEW, untouched in the box. Need a different ratio due to change of plans. $225 shipped or trade for new 1.72 ratio 7/16 rockers of same quality/type.
  4. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I've had this 5.0L roller motor for quite awhile now. It came out of a 1989 Lincoln Town car with fuel injection. I get all kinds of dis-belief over this but the motor IS a stock roller cam motor, but had the non-HO timing. So anyway back in 1994 I had the motor rebuilt "as is" and it never...
  5. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    What pushrods and rocker arms should I use in my 5.0. Edelbrock heads with 6025 & 7198 stamped on them. Car has ford racing X303 cam. Current rocker arms and pushrods damaged due to previous owner installing them incorrectly or using wrong size. Don't want to make the same mistake.
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    Sold!!!! Ford Racing Rocker Arm Shim Kit - New $10
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a set of Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads for sale. I bought them from a guy on here and was told that these heads would not work on my stock pistons. I bought them from a guy on here and I am just looking to get back what i paid. The heads have 2.05 intake valves and 1.90 exhaust. I recently...
  8. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Recently did a carb conversion on my 91 5.0. I figured it would be a good time to put new lifters and pushrods in. When I finished up the motor, and fired it up- the lifters and or rockers were clattering. I thought that maybe the lifters had to prime. After about 5-10 minutes shut the car off...
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    For Sale: Heads, Intakes, Rockers, Push Rods I have a set of GT40p heads, Explorer upper and lower intakes, Comp Cams gold rocker arms, Trick Flow pushrods. Heads --Ported --Polished --Milled --3 angle valve job --New springs --New retainers --New guides --Not warped --$800 OBO Came off my...
  10. Windsor Engine Parts
    1.7:1 intake and 1.6:1 exhaust. This are extruded material, NOT the "off the shelf" cast rockers from Harland Sharp. These are beefed up around the fulcrum, and lightened on the valve end. The extruded material is literally TWICE the strength of the cast material. They are not listed on the...
  11. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a set of GT40p heads, Explorer upper and lower intakes, Comp Cams gold rocker arms, Trick Flow pushrods. Heads --Ported --Polished --Milled --3 angle valve job --New springs --New retainers --New guides --Not warped Came off my running 1988 Mustang. Upgraded to aluminum heads All work...
  12. Windsor Engine Parts
    so i need to buy some gt40 or gt40 p heads They must have the smog pump holes on the back no broker bolts no cracks no rust and they dont need to have the rocker arms because im looking for 1.7 or 1.72 if they have those even better i live in novato California which is 20 miles north of...
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
    *****SOLD***** These are Ford Racing part# M-6564-b351 full roller aluminum rocker arms in great shape, they are a 1.6 ratio. These are pedestal mount. Looking to get $175 plus shipping. Thanks, Aron
  14. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a Anderson B-41 cam that I was wondering if there is any reason why I cant use 1.7 ratio rocker arms to increase the lift? Are there any negatives to doing this?
  15. Windsor Engine Parts
    Crane Cam #270-364562 Adv. Duration: 296°/300° Lift: .520''/.526'' RPM Range: 3400-6800 Will include lifters, valvesprings, studs, polylocks and some 1.6 rr's ( I believe they are Crane Energizers). These are all used parts and I will get you pics if you would like them. The cam, lifters...
1-15 of 15 Results