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  1. Interior Parts
    posting for a friend. looking for 89 saleen recaro rear seats. maybe somebody rear seat delete from this car or knows where i can find some? let me know thanks!!
  2. Interior Parts
    I recently installed rear seat delete and want to get rid of my seats for cheap. PM if interested. 1985 3 piece rear seats (blue) Great condition
  3. Interior Parts
    85 LX rear seats GREAT condition (blue) I took rear seats out of my 85 LX when because I got a rear seat delete. Excellent condition. No rips, cigarette burn, or fading.
  4. Interior Parts
    i recently installed a rear seat delete in my 85 LX. im looking to get rid of my rear seats. my mustang was originally a capri and the seats are blue. great condition. they are both the backrests and bottoms. im away at college right now but i will try to take some pics as soon as possible.
  5. rear seats

    rear seats
1-5 of 5 Results