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  1. Fuel System & Related
    Selling one of my spare a1000 pumps. I have 3 so I may as well get rid of one. Pump only, no fittings or filters $250 shipped SOLD
  2. Superchargers
    So I have a vortech maxflow boost a pump (Non programmable) and I can't seem to find any install guides for a 96-04 mustang. Can anyone direct me to one? I know its a pretty simple job, but I always like to make sure Thanks ahead of time.
  3. Modular Engine Parts
    Have a power steering pump from a 03 cobra. Pully got damaged somehow when the motor was being shipped. Other then that pump worked fine when pulled and has around 40k miles on it. Asking 85$ shipped. Also comes with the line shown in the pic.
  4. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hey guys, I have been experiencing this issue for a while now and my car has gotten to the point where it is underivable. I really need to get this fixed up ASAP since its my main form of transportation. I appreciate all help. Car is 1988 GT. The issue is, the car will idle just fine. It will...
  5. General Mustang Tech
    Long story short, its a H/C/I 94. Swapped in a svt focus pump because the walbro quit. Now it dies right after it starts the 1st time on cold starts, and takes a little gas pedal feathering on the 2nd start attempt to get it running. Once it starts it runs great. Is that because the svt focus...
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    FRPP AC Delete March alternator bracket is SOLD. Ford Racing AC Delete SOLD Still the the best ans strongest way to mount your power steering when deleting the AC. All Hardware is included, and the black bracket has some light surface rust. Scuff, paint and install.
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    Peterson Wet Vac Pump - Design before the R4 was released. Pump works perfectly. The local class we are running next season does not allow a external pump. The listing is for the pump with Gilmer style mandrel for SBF. Will include Gilmer belt, mandrel with bolts and a Peterson -12AN fitting...
  8. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    $50 Will fit New Edge. I have several so pics are representative. $60 shipped CONUS from 30269. Pics:
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    FS: 302/5.0 BBK under drive serpentine water pump pulley This is a used, good condition, underdrive water pump pulley for a serpentine (reverse flow) 302/5.0. Came off a 1990 mustang. Diameter is 5 1/4". $20 shipped Thanks! Frank
  10. 94/95 Tech
    It may sound simple just from the title, but its not :/ I have power to the pump, pump wont kick on. Test pump on bench and it runs like a champ. What the hell am I missing here?
  11. Fuel System & Related
    12304 100 micron filter 12301 10 micron filter A1000 fuel pump 15 gal fuel cell Also has -8 and -10 fuel lines with all fitting I have for sale a like new aeromotive fuel system has less than 100 miles on everything as only used for dyno testing. Moving in direction of more hp so this one is...
  12. Modular Engine Parts
    I have for sale: 2 AEM 320lph fuel pumps - asking $120 + shipping for both (1 has less than 2 miles on it and the other less than 50) PI intake for 99-04 (less than 150 miles) - asking $80 + shipping
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
    Edelbrock Polished Alum WP w/1993 Cobra Pulley $150 I am selling my polished aluminum Edelbrock pump with the infamous 1993 Cobra water pump pulley part number F3ZE-8509-AA. I am asking $150 shipped. I am firm since this pulley is near impossible to get. Paypal fee not included in selling price.
  14. Fuel System & Related
    Under 1000 miles on all of these. 8-42# injectors $190 1-255 walbro in take fuel pump $50 Prices do not include shipping or paypal fee's Shipping from 60563 Thanks
  15. Fuel System & Related
    Magnafuel Prostar 500 NEW SOLD Sold
  16. Fuel System & Related
    I have more carbs than whats listed. Email me at [email protected] or PM me. Thanks guys! $100 each core! Will make a deal for bulk purchase!!! 1-1960's 1904 Holley 1 barrel 2- Holley 2 barrel 6r-1258-3 3-Rockester GM Quadrajet electric choke 4 barrel 7058230 0463 4-Holley 4 barrel...
  17. Fuel System & Related
    Wanting new or used holley or similar electric pumps for non efi motors. e85 safe preferred but buying several pumps. pics required...thanks!
  18. General Mustang Tech
    Hello guys, I have a Stang 2001 3.8 V6. My fuel pump passed out, i replace it with a new one, but i start with this problem, that the car shuts off when its hot, normal temperature, i was thinking that i install a bad fuel pump, so i replace it again! but the same story the car is shutting off...
1-20 of 53 Results