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  1. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking to buy a couple cog pulleys for a procharger head unit. Must fit an f1 (most do). Looking for a 52 and a 54 for the street. If anyone has other sizes just lmk, I could be up for buying them. Cog crank/6 groove crank pulleys as well
  2. Modular Engine Parts
    I recently sold my 02 GT but the buyer didn't want any of the original parts I took off of the car so I figured I'd see if anyone here needs any of them and I can make a couple of dollars in the process. None of these parts were on the car longer than 10,000 miles. What I got: Stock shifter...
  3. Modular Engine Parts
    Please hit me up if you have anything such as headers pullies... etc
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    *SOLD*Part #2215. Power and Amp Series (Recommended for Automatic Transmission Vehicles), 3-piece, Includes 1-Crank Pulley 4.375'', 1-Water Pump Non Rib 5.5'', and 1-Alt. Pulley 2'', Polished aluminum. In good shape. Asking $60 OBO*SOLD*
  5. Modular Engine Parts
    I'm setup with Metco Motorsports now. If you need a quick change pulley kit, or idler pullies for your Lightning or Terminator, Give us a call. Metco offers some very nice high quality control arms for some of your most popular vehicles on the road today. Some products can be personalized with...
  6. Modular Engine Parts
    I have a 6 bolt ford racing billet flywheel with about 10k mi, I think late 01-04 GTs have 6 bolt crank shafts - Goes for $250 at Summit asking $175. Had to replace with an 8 bolt flywheel because I put in a cobra crank shaft in my new engine so I couldn't use it. The flywheel has been...
1-8 of 8 Results