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  1. Superchargers
    I'm looking for help with the PCV/Crankcase Ventilation plan for a new engine that I'm building. The engine has a Vortech supercharger and Pro-M EFI with a draw through Mass Airflow Sensor. I would like to run a PCV system and want to make sure that I don't end up with oil leaks, blown seals or...
  2. Fuel System & Related
    Have a set of trick flow tfx 44lb high impedance fuel injectors. Had these on a 347, only removed to step up to a bigger injector. All are In great working order and have less than 5000 miles on them. Idle like stock if you tune for them. $250 for injectors Also selling a pro-m 80 MAF. Bought...
  3. Engine Management Systems
    What does pro-m give me for the extra cost? Would PiMPXS run my car fine? I know it includes a new wiring harness but what features are different between the two and what would proem give me over PiMPXS?
  4. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a few items for sale local pickup but will ship at buyers expense. Powermaster one wire alternator I think its 140amp. $75 Distributor out of 92 lx 302. with MSD cap Motorcraft with TFI $50 Pro-flow(old pro m) Maf and intake tube with a filter. Worked with 24lb injectors $125 New in...
  5. Electronics and Entertainment
    For Sale is an installed but barely used PRO-M Standalone with Dual Innovate Widebands. Car was wrecked and parted out within 50 miles of being built. It cost $2400+ with the 2 widebands. Harness is perfect and all connectors are like new. Computer housing has a few scratches from the seat...
  6. Turbochargers
    I have a pro-m MAF I've been sitting on. Its a Univer model blow-thru calibrated to 42lb injectors. Wondering if anyone uses this unit in a turbo setup and how they like it. I'm looking to get an on3 kit for my foxbody. Will run max 10lb boost. image of MAF ->
  7. Fuel System & Related
    Older Pro Flow 75mm chrome bullet mass air meter for 36lb injectors. There is a s/c after the 36lb so I assume its for a supercharged application. It worked fine for me for years with 36lb FRPP injectors and a Kenne Bell blower with an A9L computer. Car ran great untuned, no idle surge and afr...
  8. Fuel System & Related
    Pro Flow/Pro M Maf for 30lb Injectors $75 shipped I am selling a Pro Flow maf (same company as Pro M) for sale. It is the large bolt together aluminum housing. It has the flange adapter and filter as well. It is calibrated for 30lb injectors. New price $75 shipped!
  9. Superchargers
    I know this is probably a long shot but was wondering if anyone has a transfer sheet for this particular MAF. Figured i'd ask before i fork over 25$ to Pro-M. It's a 75mm unit calibrated for 42lb/hr injectors. Model: 75mm Part#: 25BP Calibration: M93-42 S/C Serial: VME15
  10. Fuel System & Related
    like the title says I have some ford racing 30lb injectors and a pro-m maf calibrated to 30lbs for sale. comes with the pig tail for round to flat hookup. still attached to rail from a 94 gt so If you want that too its no extra charge. all of it together 140$. I can send more pictures if you...
  11. Electronics and Entertainment
    Brand new in box Pro-M 3 inch Pro Tube calibrated for 72lb injectors. Changed setup reason for sale. I paid over $300 shipped. $199
  12. Fuel System & Related
    Brand new in box Pro-M 3 inch Pro Tube calibrated for 72lb injectors. Changed setup reason for sale. I paid over $300 shipped. $199
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
    75mm Pro-M w/K&N Filter for 42lb injectors Think SPRING!! $200 75mm Pro-M w/K&N Filter for 42lb injectors Shipping is on your dime from 48126
  14. Fuel System & Related
    selling a blow thru pro-m maf calibrated to the 39lb injectors and a kurban boost referenced fpr on stock rail. changed setup only had them on the car for a month or 2 last summer everything worked great. looking to get 350 obo for everything
  15. Windsor Engine Parts
    Pro-M Racing 75mm Bullet Mass Air Meter (Chrome) calibrated for 30lb injectors $150 shipped Ford Racing 30lb injectors EV1 (redtop)--$125 shipped Changing setups no longer needed. Willing to separate.
  16. Electronics and Entertainment
    Brand New PRO-M RACING__3" Pro Tube calibrated for 72lb injectors. Price: $225
  17. Fuel System & Related
    I am selling because I installed a turbo kit and upgraded to 60# Injectors. I am selling as a package deal 75mm Pro-M Bullet MAF Meter (Chrome) - Calibrated for 30# injectors - Cold air kit calibration (air intake has a bend before the meter) - Worked Flawlessly on 347 Stroker and was...
1-20 of 40 Results