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  1. Power Adders For Sale
    I am parting out my turbo windsor to do a coyote swap and no longer need the turbo. It is a Precision 7675CEA with the ceramic bearing upgrade. Precision CEA technology is based on a compressor wheel machined from a 2618 aluminum forging and offers higher efficiency and faster spool times...
  2. Power Adders For Sale
    Forced Inductions billet s400 76mm ETR turbocharger with their 93mm turbine wheel in a T4 1.10 AR housing. V1 race cover. Turbine housing is ceramic coated black. 1 season old, no shaft play, smoke, knicks in the wheels, etc. Went deep mid 8s at over 900rwhp with this unit in a 4.6 2v Mustang...
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    F/S: B&G Foxbody Turbo Kit with Precision Turbo Sold! I am selling a B&G Turbo kit that came off of my 1987 Mustang GT. The turbo kit has about 8,000 miles on it. The turbo itself is like new and has less than 1,500 miles on it. -B&G Custom Turbo Kit HOTSIDE: - 1 5/8 Mild Steel...
  4. Automotive Tools
    I have a Snap-On 1/4 torque wrench which was only used a few times, looks like new. Good for checking pinion preload and many other sensitive things where 0-50 in lbs is needed. Comes with case and instruction paperwork. $130 shipped with insurance Will put up pics when I can
  5. Power Adders For Sale
    Brand new in box Precision Turbo 66mm wastegate!!! Comes as new, in original box, with all springs, inlet & outlet clamps and flanges, and pressure port caps. This is an AWESOME wastegate that will flow whatever you need and is super light for its size. $SOLD
  6. Power Adders For Sale
    There are 50 passes on this turbo, made 1183HP rear wheel at 22lbs of boost with a 347 and high ports. Asking $1499 OBO! Looking to move this to pay for a new drive shaft. Turbo will make 1500HP Text or call for pics or info 201-538-5487
  7. Power Adders For Sale
    There are 50passes on this turbo, made 1183HP rear wheel at 22lbs of boost with a 347 and high ports. Asking $1499 OBO! Looking to move this to pay for a new drive shaft. Text or call for pics or info 201-538-5487
  8. Power Adders For Sale
    We are pleased to announce we are a Precision Turbo & Engine Dealer! Please post your needs and also contact us for current sales and specials. Thank you. Team PAS,Inc. Power Adder Solutions, Inc. - Mustang Performance Parts
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    -Dart SHP block 408w, eagle 4340 forged crank internal balanced, eagle 4340 forged H beam rods, arp bolts, mahle -22cc forged pistons. Have brand new in box Total seal AP rings for boost($400). Also have brand new in box custom ground hydraulic roller cam for turbo setup made for this motor...
  10. Mixed-platform Engine & Drag Racing Tech
    I am wanting to trade my setup for a coyote swap for a foxbody. I have a lot of money and nice parts in this setup and it is all fresh. Here's what I have. Dart 9.5 block 408w. 4340 forged crank, eagle 4340 H beams, mahle -22cc dish pistons. Neutral balanced crank. ARP hardware in bottom end...
  11. Power Adders For Sale
    Hi, I purchased a Precision 7675 CEA a while ago and it came with both .96 and .81 housings. I'm using the .96 and am looking to sell the .81. It's never been used. I realize this is my first post - I go by the same username on I figured I'd have better luck selling it here...
  12. Power Adders For Sale
    Hello everybody. I'm selling my Brand New Precision PT-67 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger due to the fact that I have once again decided to up the ante and go bigger. I first started off with a Precision 61mm then bought the 67mm brand new from Precision for $1,400.00 but I have decided I'm gonna...
1-12 of 12 Results