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  1. For Sale 87-93 PIMPXS ECU

    Electronics and Entertainment
    For 87-93 Mustangs I could never get the turbo stuff tuned right so I'm taking everything off and going back to the nitrous deal. I just want to race my car already. Comes with the USB cable and the special vacuum hose. Asking $700 shipped
    $700 USD
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    Selling a pretty much brand new pimpxs expansion harness, but should work with other ms3x applications with an expansion port. Used it to control nitrous, but every wire is the same length as new. Upgraded to cas harness so I don’t need it anymore. $80 shipped to lower 48
  3. Engine Management Systems
    What does pro-m give me for the extra cost? Would PiMPXS run my car fine? I know it includes a new wiring harness but what features are different between the two and what would proem give me over PiMPXS?
1-3 of 3 Results