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  1. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    Autometer Triple Gauge Pod, used but in great shape. $25 plus the ride
  2. Interior Parts
    Autometer Single 2 1/16 Gauge Pod for 94-02 (not sure why 03-04 is different) hard top. I dont have the mounting pins, but do have a couple from another Autometer gauge setup, they are a little big though, so you would have to open the holes on the pod, or just do like everybody else and use...
  3. Interior Parts
    No gauges, will upload pic tomorrow. $55 shipped.
  4. Interior Parts
    Steeda Tall Billet Shift Knob SOLD! 2000 Mustang Owners Manual, great for finding out capacities, relay and fuse locations on the side of the road! $10 SHIPPED Autometer Full Length Dual Pillar Pod for 2 1/16" gauges, still attached to stock pillar trim, so you can just clip it in. This is a...
  5. Interior Parts
    Edit - 94-95.. Sorry I had forgotten to put the year. I am not sure what years had black but I think it was all 94-95 so this shouldn't be hard. -End Edit I need a stock black A-pillar, drivers side and am willing to trade my dual gage setup for it. It has to be black not charcoal or any...
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    Hey guys, I have a some gauges I bought off DFWStangs and never got to installing cause I don't really fiddle around with my car anymore. I need money for books now so I am selling them all. Let me know, I am asking 105 shipped for everything. Price is negotiable, so let me know. It comes with...
1-9 of 9 Results