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  1. Interior Parts
    I have a full cars worth + of 93 opal grey interior parts. BUYER PAYS FOR THE RIDE Door panels (3 Sets) 35.00-60.00 ea set Interior quarter panels (2 sets)50.00 ea(set of 2) Arm rests (3 sets) 35.00-75.00 ea set Carpet 20.00 (needs cleaning) Headliners (2) 50.00 ea Complete Dash 75.00 Center...
  2. Interior Parts
    cleaning out my garage: gray 79-93 hatchback interior parts *pics added* see post #11 for pictures i parted out a 93 4cylinder hatch and i have a bunch of stuff cluttering up my garage. ill ship smaller items but the larger stuff i would PREFER local pickup. here's a list of some of the stuff i...
  3. Interior Parts
    I need a good condition tweed/sport opal gray driver's seat for a 1993 fox. I may also be interested in a great shape passenger side. Anybody? Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results