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  1. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have spent the past few months rebuilding my 302. I finally got it to run but my oil pressure gauge read 0. At first thought it was the guage so I replaced sender and guage cluster, still nothing. Today I put a mechanical gauge on and primed the oil pump with a drill (counterclockwise) and...
  2. Engine Management Systems
    I just bought a 2004 40th anniversary Mustang 3.8l V6 from a insurance auto auction and when I start the car the oil pressure instantly pegs to high. I am going to change the oil and filter, in addition to the oil pressure sensor which I read may be the case. I’m going to do all the fluids when...
  3. Turbochargers
    Alright Corral, I’ve got a leak originating from the top of the oil return line. This is where it drains from the turbo. Looks like it’s going through the actual stainless steel braid close to where it meets the red anodized fitting after the oil warms up. Anyone have similar issues? Any...
  4. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hello, I used to have an account here but I havent had a fox for a bit and forgot my password... I really need help, I just finished a 331 stroker on my 88 notch ex georgia police interceptor. When I purchased the car it was a 306 with edelbrock performer intake and heads, 24lb injectors with...
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Peterson Wet Vac Pump - Design before the R4 was released. Pump works perfectly. The local class we are running next season does not allow a external pump. The listing is for the pump with Gilmer style mandrel for SBF. Will include Gilmer belt, mandrel with bolts and a Peterson -12AN fitting...
  6. GT & SOHC
    So I went to start my car this morning and when it started it blew out a cloud of blue smoke. Before installing my heads I had them resurfaced and rebuilt. Any ideas?
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    We have 1 Canton windage tray for sale. its brand new, never been used. does not have the hardware. 100.00 shipped. email [email protected]
  8. Electronics and Entertainment
    ***SOLD Please Close Autometer Oil & Water Gauges Ultra-Lite Sold to 99-droptop!!! Hey guys, I have a mechanical oil pressure gauge (used) & electric water temperature gauge (new). Both are 2 1/16" gauges. Autometer Water Gauge Pro-Comp Ultra-Lite - $35 Autometer Oil Gauge - $30 Autometer...
  9. Modular Engine Parts
    NIB Melling Hi Press Hi Volume Oil Pump. The entire pump is billet. I bought it from Summit in March I think. It has the 12mm thick gear, for a 2v. It WILL work for a cobra that takes a 13mm, you just have to use a 2v pickup tube. Had I known that I would have just stuck to this one, but didn't...
  10. General Mustang Tech
    I believe I have an oil pressure problem, the gauge reads 0 at idle, although it only does that after the car has already warmed up a bit. As soon as I start it, the oil pressure is at about 10-15 psi, but after that it drops down to 0!!!!! Any help is appreciated, thanks
  11. Superchargers
    On my 1992 mustang the vortech drain 3/8 npt fitting is loose to the point that it will no longer thread. You can pop it in and out on the side of the Canton oil pan. Made the mistake 10 years ago to just punch and tap and not weld while the pan was out. I had this same issue 2 years ago and...
  12. Superchargers
    what parts are needed to make vortech oil lines (thread size,diameter,angle, male female) i dont want to buy the expensive vortech kit i want to make them myself might do a small oil cooler ,what do you think? gota v1 s-trim
  13. General Mustang Tech
    Has anyone done oil samples on their drivetrain to check for unforseen problems? If so, who did you use? What does it cost to do so? I used to do it on large equipment when I was a fleet manager. The results sure are enlightening to what is going on inside your engine, transmission or rear end...
1-17 of 18 Results