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  1. General Mustang Tech
    What fuel level sending unit should be used? It’s aeromotive tank but it doesn’t say what unit to use? 03-04 cobra or 87-93?
  2. Exterior Parts
    FS: NEW OEM 03 cobra chin spoiler I bought this for my car and never got around to installing it $450.00 plus shipping.PP fees
  3. Exterior Parts
    FOUND ONE----I am looking for an OEM 1993 Cobra rear spoiler for a Hatchback. Needs to be in good condition. Paint color does not matter.
  4. Exterior Parts
    I'm parting my car out, and I have a OEM (FORD) SN95 Front Bumper Cover for sale. Asking $250.00. Pickup only!! Located in Scottsville, KY 270-619-3472
  5. Interior Parts
    Bullitt Shift Knob out of my 01 Bullitt. Has a bunch of wear but still threads on fine. $19 SHIPPED Leather Wrapped Shift Knob out of a 1996 Cobra. Leather is showing some wear with a slight hole towards the front. Would make a good daily driver shift knob if you have a really nice original one...
  6. Exterior Parts
    I have a brand new unpainted OEM Mach 1 shaker hood for sale, still in the box with bubble wrap. $900obo, don't be afraid to give me an offer, worse thing i can say is no. Will ship to where ever, just message me your zip code and I will get the best quote I can get. I also have a shaker set up...
  7. Rims Wheels and Tires
    I have for sale 4 18x9 10th Anniversary cobra wheels with tires. The wheels are not in the best condition, with curb rash on all four lips (result of letting my younger brother borrow the car for his senior prom). The rash's are not that bad, and can easily be machined out. Some chips here and...
  8. Rims Wheels and Tires
    Hey all, I'm selling these 4, 15" rims as I am moving from Santa Clarita (91384) to Culver City (90034). I'll be moving from a house with a garage to an apartment and I do not have room to store these any longer. My move date is 8/2/14 but I am willing to hold on to them a little longer if you...
  9. Rims Wheels and Tires
    I have a NICE set of factory cobra wheels. came off a low mile cobra car with 21k miles approximately. They are in awesome condition. No rash, a small scratch on the clear coat on one wheel. The only real blemish is two center caps have a bit of clear starting to peel, and you can see where...
  10. Drivetrain Parts
    I have an OEM clutch cable for sale. Fits all 1996-2004 mustangs. Came of a 96 Gt. $25 SHIPPED
  11. Exhaust Parts
    Hey guys im looking for and in need of a 96-98 Mustang Cobra stock OEM H-pipe, let me know if you have one lying around that you dont need? Thank guys
  12. Rims Wheels and Tires
    I have for sale a set of Chrome mustang Rims OEM for a 99-2000 GT They are in good shape. Some dings but no major rash. Chrome is a bit tired but they look good on a driver. Comes with all the centercaps as well. $250 Located in Houston swarthypoet at yahooo com
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a set of Original 1994 GT40 Cobra heads with the ford stamped crane roller rockers. The heads have been touched up, bowls and runners cleaned up and a recent valve job done to them (had a valve seat come out on the #1 cyl and had both heads refreshed). Have been slowly parting the car...
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    Building a Cobra clone motor for a spec racer (NASA Camaro Mustang Challenge) and can't use an aftermarket cam. Thanks- 757-342-5569
  15. Exterior Parts
    SOLD good condition oem qtr. windows with tabs in tact. $150 shipped to the lower 48. No paypal, usps money order only. All my transactions on have been with a usps money order and have been flawless. Thanks
  16. Rims Wheels and Tires
    Hi all I have a set of (4)16in OEM Ford Ponys that are damn near brand new. I have all 4 center caps. They are in beautiful condition. I'd like 325 for the set. I can send pics via cell phone. My phone number is 386-801-6680 and my name is Steve thank you!
  17. Exterior Parts
    Hi, I am looking for new NOS Ford LX door moldings. Only OEM parts no reproduction parts. This part in particular. Thanks, Luke
  18. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a set of stock e7 heads off an 88 ho 5.0, they have been sitting in my garage since i changed my heads, I used the rockers and rocker arm plates and bolts on my new heads therefore you would have to reuse your arms and bolts. They are not cracked, warped, or damaged to my knowledge as...
1-20 of 25 Results