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  1. Power Adders For Sale
    New Fuel and Nitrous NX Mainline solenoids (from the 250hp mainline carb kit) $165 shipped ($200 plus from Summit) Like New Square Bore NX Plate with most jetting, and fittings (missing 1 jet and has scratches) $165 shipped (Is rated to 250 hp is this kit, may do more with bigger solenoids?)...
  2. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    Easier for me to just link you to the craigslist ads for each item. Will ship to you for free. If link page says item is no longer available it just means that the item is sold already. I have this stuff on ebay as well. * AutoMeter Cobalt Series Electric Nitrous Gauge: AUTOMETER COBALT...
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    All details are in the craigslist ad including a ton of photos of everything. Located in Omaha but would consider shipping ground for $50. Not interested in parting it out. You can reply here with questions or to the craigslist ad. Stuff is all still like new condition. I'm going a different...
  4. Power Adders For Sale
    Nitrous Parts and Standalone Fuel System Located in Olathe, KS - Suburb of Kansas City Email - [email protected] All Prices do not include paypal fees or shipping. They are all OBO and I am always willing to look into Trades. I need a manual rack, tubular k-member for a sbf fox, bump...
  5. Power Adders For Sale
    Selling the kit that was on my Mach. -NX nitrous solenoid -NX nitrous purge solenoid -NX fuel solenoid -NX shark nozzle -NX nitrous and fuel lines -Bag full of NX jets -ZEX fuel rail adaptor -NOS bottle heater -Custom cup holder switch panel (heater switch, purge button, activation switch)...
  6. Power Adders For Sale
    Selling a nitrous express purge solenoid. Asking $70 shipped.
  7. Power Adders For Sale
    I am selling a nitrous express purge solenoid works great asking $90 obo
  8. Power Adders For Sale
    I have an Nitrous Express Gt40 Nitrous Plate with 82N 42F jets in it which is a 200 shot with Solenoids for sale for $325 Shipped. The plate is like new beside my dad cleaning it with purple power. The reason why he did is because i just had the plate sitting in the garage with dust on it. The...
  9. Power Adders For Sale
    Got a Nx plate kit for 4.6 2v. All lines, solenoids, nx gen 2 accessory kit with blow down tube, fuel pressure safety switch, bottle warmer, purge valve, switches, etc. MSD digital window switch, cupholder switches. Asking $600 plus the ride for everything. Everything is used except for the nx...
  10. Power Adders For Sale
    I bought a nitrous kit from a member and have no need for an extra set of solenoids. These are the NX Iceman Solenoids from the NX Stage 6 kit. The nitrous solenoid is bottom feed, and they include the fittings that they came with. $75 shipped. Thanks, Jon
  11. Nitrous
    Here is a little reading material on a car that our friends at Steeda are working on. I thought you guys would like this! 2011 Steeda Sport Mustang 6 speed manual. Featuring: Steeda CAI Mail Order Tune 3.73 Gears Nitto tires So far they have been a best of 11.88 @ 116mph (This is the...
  12. Power Adders For Sale
    I have 2 nitrous bottles for sale. 1 is an NX bottle(white) with brackets, and the other is a NOS Sniper kit bottle(orange). Both are 10 lbs and the Sniper bottle still has about 8 lbs left ;) NX prob went through 3 refills The Sniper one was just filled once and sprayed a couple times to...
  13. Power Adders For Sale
    I have been piecing this nitrous kit together for a few months now and have decided to sell what I have and save up for a twinscrew. What I have for sale is shown in the pictures below: Nitrous Express 10# polished bottle Nitrous Express bottle warmer Nitrous Express solenoids (same...
  14. Power Adders For Sale
    Selling a NX Gen X 2 accessory package that is brand new in the package, never openned. Was going to run nitrous but decided not to so loss is your gain. I paid $450 for this kit. It includes automatic bottle warmer, purge valve, Fuel pressure safety switch, nitrous pressure guage, pressure...
  15. Power Adders For Sale
    Post up your need's and PM us for specials and pricing. Thank You. [email protected],Inc.
  16. Power Adders For Sale
    Like the title says i need 2 soleniods 1 nitrous and 1 fuel for a wet kit that are calibrated to spray up to a 200 shot. Please LMK what you have, for faster response email me at [email protected]
1-16 of 16 Results