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  1. The Body Shop
    A neighbor accidentally broke the passenger side mirror on my white '13 GT. I've been looking at replacement options, and would like to know if anyone has had luck with side mirrors that swivel/flex so the next time it gets bumped, it doesn't break off. I've seen non-motorized ones in JC...
  2. Exterior Parts
    ***SOLD SN95 Power Mirrors (Driver & Pass Side) - $60/OBO SOLD THANKS GUYS!!!!! Hey guys, I've got a pair of power mirrors off my 95 mustang, asking $60/OBO. Packed up and ready to ship out!
  3. Exterior Parts
    Looking to buy 03/04 cobra mirrors. Prefer DSG if i can. willing to pay around the $250ish area give or take. Also interested in Saleen style C pillars. Hit me up, lets make a deal!
  4. Interior Parts
    Pair of black sun visors for a Fox mustang hatch or notch (won't fit a vert) $125 obo + shipping PM if you're interested and make me an offer... Thought they'd look good in my gray and black interior, but I don't the look against the gray head liner (I'm a freak). I'm going to tell you...
1-5 of 5 Results