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  1. The Body Shop
    I was driving to work and something flew out of the back of someone's car and hit my passenger side mirror. Thankfully the mirror didn't snap off but it broke the plastic part that is holds the Mustang flood bulb as you can see below in the pictures section. :crying2: I talked to the...
  2. Exterior Parts
    Sail Panels - 10 pair 85 mustang mirrors - 15 each Cowls - 15 each
  3. Exterior Parts
    Looking for some sn95 export mirrors. Might also be interested in 03-04 cobra mirrors that have been fabbed to fit 94-98 properly. PM to let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  4. Exterior Parts
    ***SOLD SN95 Power Mirrors (Driver & Pass Side) - $60/OBO SOLD THANKS GUYS!!!!! Hey guys, I've got a pair of power mirrors off my 95 mustang, asking $60/OBO. Packed up and ready to ship out!
  5. Interior Parts
    I have for sale an excellent condition rear view mirror for a convertible, I believe its a sn/new edge mirror, so it should fit 94-98 convertibles and may also fit 99-04s. It has a square connection on the back. There is no delamination with the mirror glass. Excellent shape as can be seen in...
  6. Interior Parts
    looking for a convertible rear view mirror 83-93. Glass must be in very good condition or better, no spidering, cracks, delamination etc. Shipped to 11779. Thanks.
  7. Exterior Parts
    I have both doors from an 88 Fox Coupe for sale. They are complete with glass, power regulators, mirors, good black handles. No visible rust on the bottom of either door. VERY good shape. Located in Athens, AL. $200 plus shipping.
1-8 of 8 Results