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  1. Suspension
    For sale are Maximum Motorsports M-5500 Upper Control Arms for a 1979-2004 Mustang. These are recommended for when installing a Panhard Bar. I went to a Torque Arm setup and no longer need these. These were purchased and installed in 2018 and have limited mileage on them. Hardware not...
    $75 USD
  2. Suspension
    Up for sale is Maximum Motorsports suspension off of my 1992 Mustang. The dampers are Bilstein B6 series. The front coilover package is Maximum Motorsports P/N MM-COP-1. They are 300lb/in. The rear springs are H&R Race Springs. Spring isolators are included. All of these parts were...
    $700 USD
  3. Suspension
    looking to buy a manual brake conversion kit for a foxbody. Preferably a maximum motorsports kit. DM me if you have one for sale.
  4. Suspension
    If you have any of the following parts for sale (for 79-04 Mustang), please let me know: Mustang Caster Camber Plates, 1979-1989 Koni Single-Adjustable Strut Koni Single-Adjustable Shocks Pinion Snubber Full Length Subframe Connectors 4-Point K-Member Brace Panhard Bar Heavy-Duty Mustang...
  5. Suspension
    Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Rear Swaybar - $350 SOLD THANKS CORRAL!
  6. Suspension
    Maximum Motorsports Reverse-offset Front Control Arms, 1979-93 Mustang(SOLD) Maximum Motorsports Reverse-offset Front Control Arms, 1979-93 Mustang. SOLD
  7. Suspension
    MMTR-6 bumpsteer kit for 1979-93 Mustang with SN95 control arms. Used, with parts as shown. $70 Shippped
  8. Rims Wheels and Tires
    MMWS-4 wheel spacers, hubcentric, 95-04 5 lug (two spacers). $50 shipped
  9. Suspension
    SOLD! Maximum Motorsports Adjusted Rear Lower Control Arms Selling a used pair of Maximum Motorsports adjustable rear lower control arms for $275 shipped. Part number MMRLCA-2(d).
  10. Suspension
    Looking for a Maximum Motorsports Standard Duty torque arm. Probably a long shot. Thanks, Tony
  11. Suspension
    MM 79-93 manual rack steering shaft, I used it for one summer and now I need a shorter shaft. I painted it black, and had to modify the part that attaches into the steering column, see picture. It Will not affect anything bolting it in wise. 150.00 shipped
  12. Suspension
    Up for sale: MMRLCA-1 MM Heavy-Duty Rear Lower Control Arms with spring perch and sway bar mounts. MM Website for reference I ran these in my car for approx 1.5 years. No problems, poly bushings are in great shape. Great Maximum Motorsports quality. $180 shipped OBO paypal flyboygeo at...
  13. Road Racing/Auto X
    There is a definite following of people that subscribe to the no RSB club/mentality for Autocrossing their fox. I believe I have even seen Jack H. say that it is beneficial. (that particular car had no TA) Is this only for those running without a Torque Arm? And those of you doing it, are you...
  14. Suspension
    I am collecting parts ahead of a complete rear suspension overhaul and wanted to put some money in a fellow stangbanger's pocket. Looking for the following: 1) Maximum Motorsports Heavy Duty Torque Arm 2) Maximum Motorsports rear coil over kit (SRA, with or without springs) 3) Koni double...
  15. Suspension
    Looking to buy maximum motorsports Heavy-Duty Adjustable Mustang Rear Lower Control Arms, 1979-1998 MMRLCA-2, let me know if you have one.....
  16. Suspension
    I am looking to buy a Maximum Motorsports Panhard bar for 99-04 Mustang GT. The Maximum Motorsports part number is MMPB99A. Let me know if you have one you're trying to get rid of. Thanks
  17. Mixed-platform Engine & Drag Racing Tech
    Has anyone used the Maximum Motorsports K member for an LS Swap? any info would be great. photos as well. :)
  18. Suspension
    Like title states I'm selling a brand new Maximum Motorsports front coil-over kit for Bilstein struts... here is a link... Mustang Coil-Over Kit, Front, Bilstein and MM Struts, 1979-04 Still in the box never opened 220 shipped anywhere in the 48 :salute:
1-19 of 57 Results