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  1. Modular Engine Parts
    Comp XE274H-14 Cams SOLD! Manley H Beam Rods SOLD!
  2. Modular Engine Parts
    Hi guys, I have a BRAND NEW Kellogg 4.6 8 bolt crank for sale and brand new Manley H-Beam Rods. Asking 1200.00 for both feel free to message me with any questions. thank you
  3. Modular Engine Parts
    Hey everyone i have a brand new set of Manley H-Beam rods for sale never opened manley seal still shut on the box. these are for a stock stroke 4.6 asking 420.00 shipped, message me anytime.
  4. Modular Engine Parts
    SOLD I have a set of used Manley I-beam rods PN: 14120 that I am selling. These are not available through Manley any longer. These rods have the strength of 4340 forged steel with a lightweight design similar to a stock rod. Perfect for N/A high reving applications up to 500 horsepower where a...
  5. Modular Engine Parts
    Have a set of take out SVT Manley H-beam Rods out of a 2003 Cobra. Rods are in great condition. $425.00 Shipped. Rods will come with factory pistons as well (freebee) call 818-341-7223 ask for Bryan or email [email protected]
  6. SVT & DOHC
    So i'm completely ready to drop my wap 4.6 4v from an 04 mach 1 into my 2000... i'm going w/ a vortech v2 T-trim supercharger pushing it around 16psi w/ an fmic... So to do that i'm gonna forge everything and rebuild. i've never rebuilt a mod motor, but my buddies are professional mechanics, i...
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    New In Box... Manley 14318-8 Connecting Rods. Part No. Description Center Bore Width Width Bore Weight 14318-8 Stock Length w/ 22 mm pin 5.933" 2.239" .940" .940" .8671" 602 FORD 4.6L MODULAR V-8 PRO SERIES “I” BEAM LIGHTWEIGHT Forged from 4340 aircraft quality vacuum degassed material...
  8. Modular Engine Parts
    Navigator 5.4L, 4valve long block (300 horsepower, 355 ft-lb torque in factory trim) $1250. Clean engine. This engine has the massive (and affordable) 4V heads that provide a tremendous improvement in flow and performance compared to stock 2V or 3V heads. I believe it either had around 53k...
  9. Modular Engine Parts
    Have another set now! New Manley H-Beam 4.6 Rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts! Reduced to $475 shipped!
1-11 of 11 Results