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  1. Exhaust Parts
    WTB MAC tailpipes for 91 Foxbody LX 3.5" preferred... Let me know what ya have!!!! Thanks Corral!
  2. Exhaust Parts
    ////Sold//// Listed are New MAC Chrome exhaust 2-1/2" Tailpipes for a 64.5-73 Mustang. I intended to use this on a 1966 Ford Mustang. This should work on most 64.5-73 Mustangs with dual exhaust. Asking $115 So, this is a good deal for high performance exhaust components (compare with vendors...
  3. Exhaust Parts
    I have a 3 inch Mac prochamber for Fox body Mustangs in excellent condition I'll take 175 plus shipping for it. Call or text me @ 3013953921
  4. Exhaust Parts
    Used, painted and clearanced(dented) Mac equal length shorty headers, don't have the studs where they connect to the midpipe $50 shipped to lower 48.
  5. Exhaust Parts
    I have a set of 1 5/8" equal length shortie headers in good condition. I'll take $110 for them. PM me or call/text me @ 3013953921
  6. Exhaust Parts
    Selling my Mac ceramic long tubes and Prochamber for a 302 sbf with a manual transmission. They are 1 5/8 with a 2 1/2 collector. Only have about 100 miles on them. Just bought a turbo, so need these gone. Asking $550 both both. Rather do local, but can ship at buyers expense. Text me for pics...
  7. Exhaust Parts
    Looking to purchase some MAC pro dumps for my Thunderbird! If you have any other dump exhaust, let me know a price! Thanks!
  8. Exhaust Parts
    Full Foxbody exhaust for sale. BBK equal length shorties and complete Mac off-road exhaust. Fits LX cars or (GT cars with the modification of the tail pipes or GT bumper). I hate to sell it because its a beautiful sounding system but I must go bigger. Complete system, headers back $350 shipped.
  9. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a set of headers that will fit my GT40P heads. I have a set of stock mustang headers, but I figure they won't really be worth trying to fit. I understand Ford Racing and MAC make headers specific to fit GT40Ps. I want to see if someone on the forum has a set they...
  10. General Mustang Tech
    I'm planning on purchasing my whole exhaust shortly, possibly a mix of new and used parts haven't looked very hard in the user sales section. But my planned setup is BBK unequal shorty headers, O/R H pipe, and MAC pro dumps. What is everyone's thoughts on this setup? Not really looking to get...
  11. Exhaust Parts
    looking to buy a set of SLP Loud mouth 1 for 99-04 GT's with a Solid Axle. I would also be willing to trade my current cat-back exhaust (Mac Cat-back) for the LM1 plus some cash. Shoot me a text or reply to this thread if you have anything or are interested. Thanks - Dan 703-4seven4-1zero7eight
  12. Exhaust Parts
    I bought these for my project, but am now going turbo so I no longer need these. I would like 250 0b0 + paypal and shipping. Or you can send money as a gift to save on paypal. Also willing to trade, If you want to trade, I need a 75mm tb for a 5.0, 80lb fuel injectors, 28 oz balanced...
  13. Exhaust Parts
    1] Just looking for any kind of muffler to finish an IRS swap. I have the tail pipes. 2] Flow tubes 2.5" 3] MAC Prochamber for 200-2009 GT with long tube headers lmk what you have!!! girouard82 at yahoo dot com two 2 five - nine 3 seven - 5 seven 8 one
  14. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I mocked up my drivetrain and found the pass side collector hitting the floor board. Driver side looks fine. When I measure the collector height from the ground, the pass side sits up 1" higher, which is causing the floor board interference. The headers are 1 3/4 Mac longtubes on a 351w with...
  15. Exhaust Parts
    3" Pro-Chamber for Fox body 5speed with LT's. Very good condition. $185 plus shipping. Paypal accepted but no credit/debit, otherwise add 3% for paypal fees.
  16. Exhaust Parts
    I want to buy a Mac prochamber midpipe for 2003 mustang gt. for stock or shorty headers. give me a call at 7066154066
1-20 of 53 Results