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  1. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking to see if anyone has a 3.1 or 3.4 pulley ring for a M112 off a cobra. Just need the ring, no hub. Will even take the 3.65 if you have one. Just let me know what you've got.
  2. Power Adders For Sale
    Hello, I'm looking for a stock pulley off a cobra (3.65" Dia) for some safe boost levels. Let me know what you've got, shipped to 59254, MT please. Or even better if you are willing to ship to Canada use S7H 0A6, SK. Also long-time lurker on here, can provide feedback via other sites I...
  3. V6 Parts
    I would like to buy a m112 kit for my 2000 mustang v6 or if somone has parts of the kit let me know what kind
  4. Superchargers
    Setup is stock 5.0, longtubes, catless x, mac mufflers, smog delete, ac delete, egr delete, full ignition. Throwing on ported eaton m112, offset adapter, typhoon lower. 1: What injectors to run? 2: Whats the max psi stock 5.0's can handle? 3: What fuel pump, can i still use stock lines and...
  5. Power Adders For Sale
    This thing is in perfect condition and comes off of a low milage 04 Cobra. I never installed it on my car. This is whats included: Eaton m112 supercharger Stock and Billetflow 2.76 pulley Stock plenum and throttle body Throttle bracket Extra Motorcraft supercharger fluid $650 Text or call...
  6. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    It is now time. For a quick history, go here: That was before my daughter was born (she's now in kindergarten), just after I broke my back, and the "girlfriend" mentioned in the article became my wife...
  7. Power Adders For Sale
    hey guys i have a stock eaton that i took of my car with abt 22k on it would like to get it out of my closet i can sell it with stock tb and inlet or without it, i can include a 2.93 pulley if you need it, it ran fine when i took it off my car went with a steigmier stage 4, im asking 270 shipped...
1-8 of 8 Results