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  1. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    What's up fellas? I am new to the forum. I am interested in purchasing a Foxbody notchback roller. 89-93, Automatic is my preference due to interior purposes. This will be my first build. I am located in Houston Texas. Looking for a good, clean, straight body if possible, no rust please. If you...
    $1 USD
  2. Strip Ready

    15x4 Front Prostars/15x10" Rear Prostars, 26x11.5 MT E/T Streets
  3. 17x10.5 Front Photo

    October 7, 2006 Winghouse Car Show
  4. 17x10.5 Bullitts

    October 7, 2006 Winghouse Car Show
  5. Jack Roush near my car.

    Stage 3 Roush behind my 87 LX as Jack Roush walks by at Milan Dragway on June 14th 2006
  6. front view

    when it was bought
  7. Drivers seat view

    guages set up
  8. 1990 lx

    When I bought it,
  9. engine compartment

    It has been redone, new stuff added, this is when I bought it.
  10. topnotch50

    1988 Mustang LX 5.0
  11. 1991 Mustang LX

  12. My 89

1-20 of 21 Results