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  1. Exhaust Parts
    I am looking for a Borla stinger IRS catback or just the stinger mufflers so i can weld them into my current catback. Prefer a polished setup but it doesnt really matter as long as they are in good condition and your asking price is reasonable. Let me know what you've got! I am eager to give...
  2. 94/95 Tech
    Hey there, First off, I freakin' love the 5.0! That said, I'm not sure if I remember my old 88 5.0 being as loud under the hood as my current engine. If you kind folks could spare a few seconds to click this video, skip to about 1 minute in, and tell me if it sounds normal or a bit too loud...
  3. General Mustang Tech
    Check out these exhaust setups, they sounded awesome. We had everything from classic Mustangs with Flowmasters and dumps to new-edge and S197's with Loudmouths and more! These are some great examples of the potential of an aftermarket exhaust system. Not only are you completely transforming...
1-3 of 4 Results