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  1. Exhaust Parts
    Looking for a set of 1 3/4 longtubes for a fox/sn 5 liter, 3 in collectors, that will fit a auto trans. Thanks
  2. Exhaust Parts
    I bought these for my project, but am now going turbo so I no longer need these. I would like 250 0b0 + paypal and shipping. Or you can send money as a gift to save on paypal. Also willing to trade, If you want to trade, I need a 75mm tb for a 5.0, 80lb fuel injectors, 28 oz balanced...
  3. Exhaust Parts
    These Mac 1-5/8" Long tube headers are for a 94-95 mustang and painted black. Could use another coat of black and/or sand blasting due to a little surface rust, have NO SEVERE RUST HOLES or anything though. Would like to get $165 obo. Price does not include shipping.
  4. Exhaust Parts
    SOLD Chrome BBK Long Tubes for 351W for a fox body $150 plus shipping and you pay any paypal fees if in the chicago area I'll meet you for pickup SOLD
  5. Exhaust Parts
    I have a set of Mac ceramic coated 1 3/4" 3" collector long tubes & matching H-pipe for sale. They are for an automatic, 79-93. The headers have been clearanced to clear a griggs K-member so they should slip right in with most stock and aftermarket k-members. I orginally purchsed these for use...
  6. Exhaust Parts
    Category: Exhaust Price: $650 Private or Vendor Listing: Private Listing Part fits: New Edge, SN95 (99-04 Cobra and Mach 1) Location (State/Prov): Springfield MO. 65807 Item Condition: NEW Heya everyone. I am selling my Brand NEW (with hardware and gaskets) BBK Polished Ceramic coated Long...
  7. GT & SOHC
    ok guys think i know what to do but i just wanted to see if anyone had a better way then mine. im trying to replace the stock clutch in my car and ran into an issue with the long tubes. thankfully i did manage to get the starter out but the issue now is with the location on the bell housing in...
  8. Exhaust Parts
    Looking for some decent Long Tubes for my 97 GT Vert. I would also need at least a mid-pipe to go with it and if the price is right would consider a full system all the way back to the tails! I am leaning towards Bassani but will consider other brands as long as they aren't no name junk!! Let me...
  9. Underneath, front

    FPA headers let me tuck it up tight. Even had to roll the exhaust centerline down 3/4" to clear the tranny crossmember humps. Ball/cone collectors on these headers do NOT choke down.
1-10 of 11 Results