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    Have a set of almost new SLP LM1 mufflers. On my car for 30 miles but they are a little to loud for my taste, sound great but are loud. Asking 115 shipped plus PP fees. They are advertised on multiple sites so first come first serve. Contact info: Email: [email protected] Text/call...
  2. General Mustang Tech
    Magnflows over slp Hey everybody new here, i have 91 lx 5spd and just finished an hci swap with b303 and alum gt40s. The car came with magnaflow oval mufflers with h pipe and i have set of slp lm1s laying around. I was wondering if anyone has went from magnaflows to slps and were you happy with...
  3. Exhaust Parts
    I am located in northern Cali. I have been searching forever and it seems like no one is selling this.. Hoping to have some on luck on here. I only want the loudmouth 1 not 2 please. Thanks
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