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leather seats

  1. GT-500 (2007-Present)
    Hey everyone. I'm new to the group and was wondering if you could help me out. I want to add leather to my interior. It's a 2020. Does anyone recommend a particular company to go with for my seats? I've been thinking about Katzkin but that's mainly just because they're the only one I know and...
  2. Interior Parts
    Front and rear red leather seats from a '06 Mustang GT. Also comes with red front floormats. There is a small hole in the drivers side bolster, but otherwise the seats are in good condition. They come with tracks, side trim, and airbags. $350 obo plus shipping, 979-709-2508
  3. Interior Parts
    It is the light tan leather rear seat with pass through to the trunk. $50 and they are yours. Shipping is up to you. I can post pics if anyone wants them.
  4. Interior Parts
    94-98 convertible and coupe interior parts. dirt cheap convertible motor and cylinders 50 front seats, 1 power, 1 manual driver side good, pass side bad tan leather 30 coupe back seat, grey tweed, bottom and back in great shape 40 cruise control unit and cable 30 dash a/c control panel with...
  5. Interior Parts
    I have a full set of Grey Leather Seats out of a 2000 GT. Mint Condition. Normal Minor wrinkles in leather of drivers seat. Others Look like they have never been sat in. Includes Drivers, Passengers and Rear 50/50 seat. Located in Howell MI. Let me know if your interested!