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  1. Exhaust Parts
    Like title says. Let me know what ya got. I have adapter plates if I need to use them. But prefer specific headers. I've got 351w in a fox with TFS-R heads, tubular k member and flaming river steering shaft also a c4 trans. So clearance shouldn't be a big issue for some large primary tubes.
  2. Exhaust Parts
    hey whats going on corral i have a set of kooks long tubes with catted kooks x pipe for sale comes with brand new header gaskets they are for 99-04 mustang gt 2v…I'm looking to get 825 or best offer… 908-216-9981 my names joe will send pics again this is just a feeler don't need to sell 1 5/8...
  3. Modular Engine Parts
    03 cobra kooks header and x pipe with custom exhaust like new sold I have a set of kooks 1 3/4 long tube stainless headers they were on the car for 4 passes, i hurt the motor and going with a differant set up 900.00 shipped, also have kooks x pipe with custom dynomax race bullets and dumps...
  4. Exhaust Parts
    Part # Kooks 5007S KOOKS Brand NEW, set of QUALITY Stainless 1 7/8 long tube headers with 3 ½ in. collectors. The headers are made of 304 grade stainless steel in 16 and 18 gauge and the flange is 3/8" thick. The oxygen bungs are stainless as well and the entire assembly is welded with...
  5. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have been reading the last 3 days to determine the right combo before i place all my orders but i was hoping some experienced members could critique my list. Its a 95 GT and am starting on a crate 363 install over the winter. The car is a DD with limited track time and wont see over 6500rpm...
  6. Exhaust Parts
    We will continue to honor the GP pricing, however I'll no longer open post the discount. I assure you that it's worth your time to chime in, or pm me. Thank you for your continued business
  7. Exhaust Parts
    **SOLD**Mustang 79-93 Headers, 5.8L, 2 "X 3 1/2", Part# 5049 For Heads: Glidden Victor/ Edelbrock (Comes With 2 1/2" Inline Pattern). I used them on a # 5044 application( AFR 205/ Dart & World 3" inline pattern ). Long Tube, Steel by Kooks Custom Headers. They were ceramic coated but, now have...