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  1. SVT & DOHC
    I have a tapping noise on my 1999 cobra I bought a little while ago. The car has 200k miles and a new clutch and water pump. The noise is only apparent in gear and mostly at 2000 rpm with throttle. As more throttle is applied the noise will go away. Any clues on what it might be?
  2. 94/95 Tech
    Hey everyone, after trolling around here for a while I decided to post and see if I can get some opinions/suggestions on what to start with on my trans/clutch issue. Backstory of the car - 95 GT I got in Dec. (2nd owned Mustang, previous was an 88GT) and it is really a project. Has motor work...
  3. GT & SOHC
    ok guys, my 96 has an issue... its been pinging alot lately, but always has if i didnt run premuim. well tuesday after noon, i drove to dr about an hour away, all kinds of speed, normal 70mph interstate driving. well, went to leave, car crunk fine then immediately stalled. i was suprised bc this...
  4. GT & SOHC
    Hey guys, I seem to be chasing constant problems with my 2v 03 GT... recently (It's been running fine up until now) I've noticed a quiet ticking noise on the passenger side for the first minute or so it is running. It seems to go away (Or I just cant hear it) once the motor is warm. Secondly...
  5. SVT & DOHC
    '97 Cobra All stock besides gears, CIA, and high flow cats with no mufflers. It started when I was driving normally one morning. Oil and filter not showing any signs of metal or bearing material. It's coming from the passenger side for sure and you can feel it in the valve cover. It isn't...
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    WTS: J&S Electronics Knock controller for boosted or non-boosted engines. This is the universal unit. Kit is brand new, never installed. Kit comes with the gauge and sensor kit which was extra as seen on the invoice. I never installed this unit on my supercharged engine and now don't need it...
1-6 of 7 Results