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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    $175 USD
  2. S197 and Coyote Parts
    I have a 2.6l Kenne Bell stage 1 kit for a 3v. It is on the car still, but that can change real quick. Charger has 10k miles. It is not a complete kit because I do not have the BAP or the Kenne Bell tuner that came with the kit. I have 2 pulleys, a 3-7/8 and a 3-3/4 with the kit. I also...
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    2.8L Kenne Bell for 99-04 2v I'm selling a 2.8L Kenne Bell supercharger for 99-04 2v 4.6L Mustangs. The kit comes with the following: -2.8L Blower/Intake manifold -MPH Behemoth inlet (1800 CFM) -CPR Fuel Rails -JLT Intake Piping/Filter -110mm JLT slot-style MAF housing -3 pulleys (3.75", 3.1"...
  4. Power Adders For Sale
    Hey Guys! I'm selling a 2.8L Kenne Bell Liquid Cooled supercharger for 99-04 2v 4.6L Mustangs. This kit is in really good condition. I never ended up putting it on my own car, and the person that I bought it from only put about 1000 miles on it when he had it installed. The kit comes with the...
  5. Power Adders For Sale
    I'm looking for a low mileage KB 2.8 Mammoth; non-LC preferred. I prefer the black case, but am open-minded to consider a polished unit. I currently have a Whipple 3.4 and want to go back to a Kenne Bell which is what I had on a prior setup. No issues with my Whipple 3.4, but I prefer the...
  6. Power Adders For Sale
    Mini Cooper Supercharger By-pass Kenne Bell Eaton New in box Dellorto supercharger bypass for a Mini Cooper p/n nme7609. I was going to use it for a custom set up on an old 5.0 Kenne Bell blower but never got to it. $75 shipped
  7. Superchargers
    i bought my kit 10 years ago and had a shop install the 2.1 well long story short ive lost the instructions if there is anyone out here that would copy theirs and email them to me that would be awesome. [email protected] i know i can get them from kenne bell for like $50 but im...
  8. Modular Engine Parts
    what I have for sale is a 2007 4.6 with less than 8,000 miles. motor is complete less harness with comp cams, phase limiters, 42lb injectors, Kenne Bell 2.6 . motor make a conservative 490 at the wheel and is still in the car. Will be coming out soon or sooner if necessary. please give me a call...
  9. Lightning/Harley Davidson F-150
    New to working on Gen 2 Lightnings, I want to build an 800hp Lightning, I have a stock motor at the moment but getting started is taking a little time because I have a lack of information. I need to know if the stock block/crank will hold up to the hp I want to make or if there is a better...
  10. SVT & DOHC
    Hello everyone, I'm usually over in the Windsor forums but have always wanted to have a Kenne Bell Cobra. Now I might finally have the chance to achieve that dream, theres a 2001 Cobra with an Kenne Bell with 50,xxx miles in my local Craigslist. Now I was wondering can the 01 Cobras take the...
  11. Power Adders For Sale
    86-93 fox full kit 2.2 kenne bell kit with extras! BEST OFFER THIS WEEKEND sold please delete thanks
  12. Power Adders For Sale
    I have a kenne bell 2.1 2v lower manifold. This is for the 99-04 GTs. Selling it for $400 +shipping. I also have the alternator bracket and front plate for sale. PM me for pics.
  13. Power Adders For Sale
    2.2 kenne bell off 03 cobra 4 valve sold I have a 2.2 kenne bell off of my 03 cobra. Only 1000 miles on blower I am changing my set up car made 600 rwhp with this set up on a bone stock motor 2500.00 and buyer pays shipping 219-488-4264
  14. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking to purchase a COMPLETE KB 2.1 kit for a 2003 Mach 1. Let me know what you have. [email protected]
  15. GT & SOHC
    The inlet heater hose keeps blowing. Possible cause: 1. I have a 7.5 inch lower pulley that spins everything faster than factory including the water pump. This could cause the water pump to push to much water??? 2. A leaky intake manifold gasket. This could cause the air from the blower (16...
  16. Power Adders For Sale
    Have a 2.8 Kenne Bell Mammoth for sale for 03/04 cobra $2750.00 18lb pulley on it has about 400 miles on it. call 818-341-7223 ask for Bryan Or email [email protected]
  17. Electrical & Wiring
    How to Hook 40A Kenne Bell Boost a Pump up on 99-04 Mustang Gt Without wiring upgrade With Pic's
  18. Power Adders For Sale
    Hey all, if anyone has a used, or non used KB SC for a 95 Mustang (Preferably with the 90mm inlet.) Will consider the 75mm though. Post on here or PM me with pictures, pricing, mileage/condition, and parts included/parts needed. Thank you :D
1-20 of 69 Results