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  1. Interior Parts
    For SALE - 87-93 Hatchback Rear seat deletes I am taking orders for Rear seat deletes that i will bring to E town april 16, 17,18 2010. They go for $110 they are made from 3/8 plywood and carpeted in either gray, black or red. These is only for hatch backs, i have not had the time to design...
  2. General Mustang Tech
    i just picked up an 85 lx notch and the heater core needs to be replaced and the dash is pretty tore up also so i was wondering how hard and what it takes to swap the dash to an 87 dash while im in there.. i have an 87 donor car. do i have to swap out all the wiring from the 87 to the 85? any...
  3. Red Interiors

    My 2005 Mustang Convertible
  4. Interior Parts
    This is what I have left of the interior: Dash (tan and black) headliner, seat belts, airbags, Steering column, Mach 460 stereo system complete. Cassette, cd, all speakers including rear valance with 4 speakers and 2 amps. If you can think of anything else let me know. Email me at...
  5. V6 Parts
    Here are parts off of my 1998 v-6 Mustang: Passenger door (bare) $25 Driver side hinges $10 Passenger front 1/4 panel $25 Driver door window $25 Passenger door window $25 Passenger Rear 1/4 glass $20 Passenger ground effects rear corner trim NEW $20 Driver ground effects rear corner trim NEW...
  6. General Mustang Tech
    Looking to buy a 4-piece Scarlet red floormat kit for my red interior 1988 GT hatch. Probably will let the logo go and save 30 bucks. I've seen the ones 50resto, CJ Pony, and all the other places have... My question is, are these things good quality or are they the same kind of thin garbage I...
  7. IMG_6477-1

    2010 Mustang GT
  8. Interior Parts
    I have a bunch of the larger interior stuff from the notch. Color is grey. All parts are in good shape. I don't sell junk. sail panels - left and right interior quarter panels - $75 each quarter windows - rubber is prety good shape - $125 for both SOLD center console tall arm rest - $40...
  9. Interior Parts
    I have an 87 coupe with tan leather interior. i need to replace both door panels.
  10. Interior Parts
    I've got the following for sale from an '87 Mustang GT. Front seats (big headrest) with the normal driver seat wear. One also has a small cut in the vinyl on the side. Mint Rear seat Carpet that has been cut to accomodate a 6 pt roll bar Dash with a small hole/crack where a tach was mounted...
  11. 93hatchpics

    pics of interior
  12. Coach's Steeda Q500

    Dallas Autorama 07 Custom interior by Morris Custom upholstery
  13. Steeda

    Custom Interior
61-80 of 86 Results