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  1. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Carb-Style EFI Intake and Proper Cylinder Distribution? I am in the midst of building a 351W and have hit some crossroads at the intake. My interest has been sparked at the Carb-Style single plane EFI intakes such as the Vic's and Trickflow ones as well. I am interested in using the 90 degree...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    Want to buy the intake that says SALEEN/VORTECH on it. Only need upper, but if only available with lower will consider.
  3. Moss Muscle
    We've got a big Sale going on now at - Save up to 35% Off! If you're shopping for a performance intake, check out this list of great brands with low prices: Cold Air Intake by Roush for 10-12 GT - Huge intake tube and filter is cleanable and reusable JUST $225.95! Bullitt Cold...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    Justin Smith Minneapolis, MN [email protected] (612)201-0693 Up for sale is a set of GT40P heads pulled from a 97' Ford Explorer. The truck had 12Xk miles on it, and everything appeared to be OE when pulled. The heads are P heads, as they have a special designed spark plug location. A...