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    Hey all, I am looking for info about swapping to an aftermarket speedo. I have a 1990 GT 5 speed with a 140 mph speedo. The Auto Meter is a 120 mph. I have done some research but cannot seem to find what gear I should use in the transmission. I currently have a 19 tooth drive gear and an 8...
  3. IMG_6484-1


    2010 Mustang GT Dash
  4. IMG_6481-1


    2010 Mustang GT Instrument Cluster
  5. 1988 EVTM-p44

    1988 EVTM-p44

    Instrumentation Cluster/Low Fluid Module
  6. 1988 EVTM-p43

    1988 EVTM-p43

    Instrumentation Cluster/Low Fuid Module