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input shaft
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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    Looking for a 26 spline input shaft for my cobras T56. Since Tremec has halted production I can not find one ANYWHERE.:curses:
  2. General Mustang Tech
    This is for a low-horsepower, low-RPM Windsor / AOD powertrain. I just want to do away with the lockup feature for better driveability. I already know to put a cooler on there so things won't overheat when cruising. Here's my question: Should I go with a custom, non-lockup converter such as...
  3. Drivetrain Parts
    All parts below came from a 2003 Cobra with 37000 miles. Flywheel, needs to be reground, $125 shipped T56 Mainshaft with front bearing, $110 shipped T56 10 spline input shaft with bearings and races, $50 shipped T56 1350 series slip yoke, $50 shipped
  4. Drivetrain Parts
    I have a trader rating of over 40 on Cleaning out my closet and have no need for this stuff. 27k miles on the items. Clutch - $40 Flywheel - $175 10 Spline Input Shaft - $50
  5. General Mustang Tech
    I'm preparing to re-install my input shaft on my T5 (from a '93 GT). I haven't actually tried it yet, but I am wondering what is going to keep all the roller bearings in place while I slide it in. Maybe it will become apparent when I actually do it, but I don't see how it is going to work. Do...
1-5 of 5 Results