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  1. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I just got my new Performance Distributers Live Wires in today and felt the need to advertise the initial thoughts, incase anyone is searching for a new set. I’m so surprised by them, I had to jump on here and tell you all about them. Right off the bat, these are THE highest quality spark...
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Recently my car had died and I spent forever trying to figure out what the issue was. I finally had narrowed it down to a bad PIP sensor so I replaced my whole distributor. The car now idles super smooth and has no issues until 2000 rpm when it starts to buck and hesitate. It almost feels like a...
  3. Electronics
    Hello so this fox I bought, seems like they tried stealing it from the previous owner, I’m trying to repair this ignition switch connector male part and the wires were cut, I obviously know to just match the colors together but some of the wires are the same color, are this interchangeable??? I...
  4. EEC Tech
    1992 5.0L LX Convertible. Cranks but doesn't start. I replaced spark plugs, ignition coil, distributor cap/rotor, fuel pump, and fuel filter. Tested spark successfully. Tested fuel pressure successfully. Sometimes the fuel pump runs continuously with KOEO. Sometimes it doesn't run at all...
  5. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hello all, I have a supercharged 408 that is currently tuned with a Moates Quarterhorse chip, MSD ignition. I have switched out the coil, msd box, msd chip, cap, rotor, distributor and replaced fuel system with 8an lines and Aeromotive A-1000 pump and it still will not rev past 5800. Car...
  6. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    So I'm doing a dominator setup in my 1990 Mustang and I have been working on getting the loose wires on the main harness wired in. I wired the green wire to the tan/light green wire that goes under the hood and leads to the fuel pump relay under the drivers seat. I'm not 100% on where I want to...
  7. Electronics and Entertainment
    Works as intended, shipping from BC, Canada MSD Digital 6+ Plus $300 obo + shipping Paypal only, will be boxed properly and shipped in an antistatic bag.
  8. Electronics and Entertainment
    Streetfire cdi box, low miles, includes plug n play harness for foxbody and accel coil. $120 shipped. US only.
  9. Electronics and Entertainment
    Ignition Coils off of a 2001 Cobra. Fits 99-04 4v Cobra or Mach 1 or Marauder. Most have Motorcraft stickers, the ones without the stickers have same exact shape and markings as the ones with Motorcraft stickers, so Im assuming the stickers just came off of a few of them. The car they were...
  10. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hi, I'm looking to swap a rebuilt 01 mountaineer 5.0L into my 94 Cobra. My current motor uses a distributor for ignition and the mountaineer motor I'm looking to put in uses coil packs. The 01 Mountaineer/Explorer motors had GT40P heads and GT40 upper and lower intakes if that helps at all. I am...
  11. Electrical & Wiring
    We've just gotten our 89 Mustang GT manual trans back from the paint shop and once the battery was charged, we tried starting it. We had power to the dash, lights, and fan. But no crank. We removed the starter and took it to O'Reilly and they tested it and it was good. We then replaced the...
  12. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hey guys, I have been experiencing this issue for a while now and my car has gotten to the point where it is underivable. I really need to get this fixed up ASAP since its my main form of transportation. I appreciate all help. Car is 1988 GT. The issue is, the car will idle just fine. It will...
  13. Modular Engine Parts
    Trying to put together two MSD DIS-4 #62152 and four Adapters #89121
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD My other stuff for sale (will combine shipping, make deals, etc.) EGR Valve: FRPP Roller rockers...
  15. Electronics and Entertainment
    Only been on the car for a year and the car hasn't seen any real use with the box on it. Box works fine just going with a different set up. All the wires and mounting hardware come with it. Asking $200 shipped OBO.
  16. Electronics and Entertainment
    MSD distributor 8582 billet, magnetic trigger, mechanical advance SBF short deck. Used $179. Will ship, Paypal friendly, located in Dayton, Cincinnati area. Thanks, Ken
  17. Modular Engine Parts
    99+ 4 Valve Ignition Coil On Plugs (COPS), set of 8 for Cobra/Marauder/Mark/Navigator SOLD!
  18. Windsor Engine Parts
    Hey guys, I've just been looking at some ignition parts for my Stang, and I noticed something about this distributor that worried me. I'm looking at putting MSD P/N 8479 in, but I still want to use my dual snorkel air cleaner (The ones on all GT's from 79-85.) I wanted to know how big this was...
1-20 of 41 Results