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  1. Road Racing/Auto X
    SVT Cobra Mustang Club and Track Club USA are proud to present … Full Throttle Fall Fest Virginia International Raceway November 21 0 22, 2015- Danville, VA Two Days of VIR Full Course Action! ________________________________________ If you like to drive fast and not have to worry about...
  2. Road Racing/Auto X
    Standard Format Events (SF) These events are open to drivers of all ability levels. There will be 4 run groups with 4 25 minute driving sessions per group. In-car driver coaching for Novice drivers (available to Intermediate and Advanced upon request) and classroom sessions are also included...
  3. Road Racing/Auto X
    Last month I got the Mustang to the first track event it has gone to in about 5-1/2 years. The car has been a work in very, very slow progress for years, and I just never felt comfortable taking it back to the track because I didn't think it would reliably last for a weekend. After years of...
1-3 of 3 Results