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  1. Holley EFI Systems
    Need some help here. I have a coyote with a terminator x max ecu. Cts is reading low error. I feel as if if tried everything under the sun and I can’t seem to trouble shoot this. I’ve checked for continuity, ensured I had good grounds, attempted to jump the plug using a paperclip and changed out...
  2. Holley EFI Systems
    New to tuning and trying to get a solid E85 base tune on my terminator x for my turbo Foxbody. Can anybody help?
  3. 94/95 Tech
    Has anyone installed a terminator in a 1994 of 1995 Mustang GT? If so which one did you use? Will the 1987-1993 foxbody kit work or did you have to piece it together?
1-3 of 3 Results