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  1. Modular Engine Parts
    Selling a set of MHS Trick flow 185R 2v heads Heads are freshly inspected and surfaced with new valve seals installed by modular head shop, complete and ready to bolt onto your engine. they have copper orings to be used on mls gaskets, chamber softening is done as well. All spark plug threads...
    $3,500 USD
  2. Member Build-Up Projects
    Hello, I had a question, this is my first project and just wanted some input and advice! Please and thank you. I was just curious on what else I would need prior to starting and or what else I should grab. I have a Th350, aluminum driveshaft, fuel lines, some sbc mounts, anything else that’s...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    I picked these up for a project and am changing directions. Would like to get what I paid for them. They are bare Pro Comp 190cc heads with 2.02/1.6 valve openings, and have 7/16’s rocker studs and guide plates. I am asking $450 plus shipping.
    $450 USD
  4. For Sale E7TE Heads

    Windsor Engine Parts
    Factory E7TE cylinder heads from 1990 Mustang GT. Engine was running fine when heads were pulled. Heads are complete with valves, springs, and factory rocker arms - $100 for pair. Local pick up only.
    $100 USD
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Twisted Wedge 185 CNC ported. Heads worked great. Made 600 Hp at 10lbs of boost. Never lifted or gaskets popped. Always ran on safe tune. Less than a 1000 miles. Going Godzilla. Email stpet291 @ price$825 includes shipping
    $825 USD
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    I'm selling all parts -- all new -- for a 408 small block Ford build, plus some tools and Fox Mustang chassis parts, listed in the appropriate classifieds sections. I bought all of these parts new in late 2002 to early 2003, had the block and crank machined at Arlington Machine Shop, assembled...
    $1 USD
  7. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Best cylinder heads/intake manifold money could buy back in 1992?
  8. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a 1996 f-150 ( I know, not a mustang) with a tired 351w. I want to make some more power along with a rebuild so I’m thinking a 408 stroker. My e4od and borg Warner 1356 are being rebuilt and getting a stage 2 shift kit put in. Shooting for 450 - 500 at the crank. Anyways I’m trying to...
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    Selling the heads and intake off of an explorer. The heads are gt40, non P heads so they’ll fit all standard sbf headers. They make a great upgrade over factory e6 or e7 heads. $400 for everything, located in savannah, ga. Would strongly prefer to sell everything together. not really looking...
  10. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    aquiring parts to start building my 89 302 up future plans for the car are to run an on3 76mm turbo kit, I have a set of TFS 192 highport heads, trick flow port matched upper and lower intake, 1.6 RR's however im stuck deciding between a cam, maximum valve lift on the heads are .600, does that...
  11. GT & SOHC
    So I bought an engine off a guy a while back and he said it came out of a mustang. I cant find this pattern valve cover though. Its 11 bolt but theres a row where 6 of the bolts a paralell. Heres a pic of the heads. If I'm just being dumb dont be afraid to call me out ?
  12. Windsor Engine Parts
    I'm interested in any aftermarket head that you may have. Ford racing parts are preferred. I am one a budget, so I will probably be wanting something older. Doesn't need to be the latest and greatest stuff.
  13. Modular Engine Parts
    Looking to buy a good set of PI Heads & Intake. Text me w/ sale offers. 231-923-0898.
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    SOLD: 1964 Ford 260 C4OE Head, Mustang, Falcon, Mercury Comet ///Sold/// Listed is a Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo) pair of heads for a Ford 260 V8 (similar to early 289 heads). This head is identified as C4OE-O (See images) and includes valves, valve Springs, retainers, etc. assembled. The date...
  15. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I'm wondering which one to get. I am not a "head" expert by any means. I currently have GT40 heads and have the money to upgrade. I'm wondering which is best. Could the 11R 190's be too much for my motor? It has a tubular GT40 intake but I was going to get the 11R Trick Flow intake with the...
  16. Windsor Engine Parts
    Stage 3 Pro-Comp 190CC Aluminum Heads, 4-Sets of Hardened Pushrods ALL + ACTUAL SHIPPING - Pro-Comp 190cc Aluminum Cylinder Heads #3036 with 2.02 / 1.6 valves. Nice Stage 3 Port Work. Fresh valve job, new comp cams valves. Needs rocker stud holes redrilled and tapped. Unmilled, very low miles...
  17. Windsor Engine Parts
    I've got a brand spanking new in the box set of Brodix 225 track 1 heads. They're $2,910 frame jegs or summit. I'm looking to trade for a set of high ports. Don't care if they're new as long as they're in good shape. Prefer them to be set up for a set of hydraulic roller. Mine are set up solid...
  18. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a set of AFR 225 heads part#1451. 2.08/1.60 valves. Solid roller springs good to .710" lift. 58cc chambers. They do come complete with guideplates and 7/16 rocker studs. Heads are in excellent condition! I'll sale them for $1600 shipped! Call/text me at 301-395-3921
1-20 of 207 Results