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  1. COBRA, 1998

    Sick paint on the front. Some small chips on the bumper and hood but nothing major. VERY CLEAN. When you see this front end coming in your rear view mirror you WANT to run. Looks mean!
  2. 1998 Cobra Clone

    You can see the nice paint on the car now. MAJOR GLARE off the hood and fenders. Look very nice. You can now see the projector like headlights that are black and the conrers. Cobra Bumper and Cobra Hood. Very clean.
  3. 1998, gT, CObra, CLone

    1998 Cobra/GT clone. Interior is very clean. As you can see the leather is bearely worn at all. Looks ggreat in person too!
  4. PHOT0018

    back seat has probably had 3 or 4 ppl total in it since I have had it. Seatbelts are fastened so they dont whip around when the top is down.
  5. 1998 GT/ Cobra Clone

    Now you can see the Saleen like taillights and the s-281 spoiler. The only thing else needed is the rear bumper. It says mustang GT and not cobra.
  6. 1998 GT/Cobra Clone

    This is my 1998 Mustang GT/ Cobra Clone. ( sticker on winshield and quarter windows no longer there.) Paint is clean and looks good. Has minor scratches and spots but with 73000 miles and being 10 years old, I think it looks wonderous.
  7. IMG_0341

    My first mustang. I've been a die-hard bow-tie guy for years. I figured I give the Mustang a chance. LOL!
  8. 2006 GT Side View

    2006 GT
  9. '89 5.0 GT

    '89 5.0 GT 5 speed
  10. DUB_STANG_copy

    My new R&D project. The TESTMOBILE!
  11. Sanchez 03 Red GT

    2003 Mustang GT Cobra Bodykit Hallibrand Cobra II 17x9/17x10
  12. Reals 89 50

    stock 1989 gt 5.0. only thing missing in real life now are my pony center caps, thief took them in the night. hope they die slow...
21-35 of 35 Results