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  1. General Mustang Tech
    TL:DR - Rear suspension problems, need diagnosing help. Ever since I bought my 96 GT I've been feeling something 'off' in the rear end, something suspension related. Basically, when I drive the car, and more predominantly noticed when cornering or hitting a pretty solid bump... something in...
  2. 94/95 Tech
    Is my T5 transmission causing this weird grinding noise when I hit WOT? This happens in all gears; video only shows 4th and 5th gear (didn't want to go too high in rpms in 1st-3rd gears). To my knowledge this has happen before the GT40 intake and...
  3. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    So i got in my car today.... let it warm up for the average 5 mins... took it down the block got up to 1600 rpm and then.... a slight grinding noise but it was high pitched... this precedes to happen from about 1600-2000 rpm in every gears and does not get louder or faster. Im going on a 150mile...
1-3 of 3 Results