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  1. General Mustang Tech
    So, I want to open up this thread as more of a general discussion rather than asking a question and waiting for 100 different answers. That being said, I've got an 89 LX with a mild 331, some lowering springs and chassis stiffening, and a 5-lug conversion. I auto-x it pretty much monthly and...
  2. Fuel System & Related
    Barry Grant 825cfm Race Demon. Still in box, never used or bolted to an intake. Removed from box to inspect and take pictures only. Part #2423010DR DESCRIPTION Designed specifically for drag racing with a specific drag race fuel curve calibration to promote clean idle, crisp throttle...
  3. Interior Parts
    Grant Steering wheel button. Has "Ford" decal and is new, never used. Grant part number- 5685 $5 plus shipping lashdeep at yahoo dot com Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results