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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    Good AFR 165 pedestal heads (61cc, machined for 1/2" head bolts). FTI custom cam for N/A street 5.0 setup, 2200-5200 rpm. Ed said would work fine with blower. Scorpion 1.6 pedestal rocker arms. Machine shop just cleaned and checked heads, installed seals, lapped and vacuum tested valves and...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    Cam Sold! Thanks Corral!
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    Set of stock GT40 heads $300
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    Changing combo up and no longer need my pushrod parts. I ran these heads 2011-2013 and made 350rwhp with cobra intake and custom cam on 310ci engine. Ran 11.12 in factory stock trim and 10.95 125 lbs lighter. All work done by Flowtech Induction 3 bar heads No porting 52.5cc stainless steel...
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Brand new, never installed FTI custom billet hydraulic roller cam. Designed for street/strip emissions compliant 347+ EFI stroker with good low rpm street manners and wide power band. Cam specs: Intake duration [email protected]" [email protected]" .605" lift 1.6 rocker Exhaust duration...
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    SURELY SOMEONE NEEDS A COMPLETE COMBO FOR THE PRICE OF JUST A SET OF HEADS, I'M A STAND UP SELLER, THESE ARE GOOD PARTS, THANKS! STRONG Top End Package! Dynoed at 305/330 with stock Cobra intake and little tuning. I'm going to try to sell the complete setup at first, if not then I will list...
1-6 of 6 Results