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  1. The Body Shop
    Hi, Does anyone can help me by providing the Specs and measurement of a 2007 Mustang Frame ? living in France whith my 2007 Mustang that I took back with me from Florida, I met a road fence ... The parts arrived last day and the body shop is taking care of the 'Stang. But they need the specs...
  2. Suspension
    as the title says, looking for some for my 89 notch shipped to zip 47635, have pay pal, send me some pics to [email protected]
  3. Exterior Parts
    Fox sunroof/frame I just picked up a 91lx and the frame around the sunroof is rusted. It doesn't leak, but it's starting to fall apart. I'm looking to buy one thats not falling apart or severly rotten. Surface rust is ok. Also, how do you remove the sunroofs? This is my first sunroof fox...
1-3 of 4 Results