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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    Not sure which fork this is but if you know how to replace it then I'm sure you know which one this is lol To reduce the shipping I will knock out the pin so the shaft and fork are in two pieces. $19 shipped
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    I need 4.10 gears, trac-lok diff, girdle cover, and a t45 clutch fork. Lemme know what ya got!
  3. Drivetrain Parts
    79-95 T5/Tremec Starter Block Spacer Plate out of a 94 Cobra. Great for 5 speed swap! $25 SHIPPED 94-95 Specific Clutch Fork, out of 94 Cobra, $20 SHIPPED
  4. GT & SOHC
    Promotion has a cryo treated 3-4 shift fork for the T45, has anybody personally broken one, or seen one broken? Im debating on what to do with the next T45, and other than the 10 spline input shaft, that seems to be the weakest link. Plus mine is showing it's ass, I believe thats what it is...
  5. Ouch!


    Never run with a fork in your hand.