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  1. Diode Dynamics
    Factory fog lights are built to meet minimum output requirements. Every aftermarket design available provides similar lackluster performance, but with an LED. The focus has been on LED appearance, not increased output. There has never been an aftermarket fog light designed from the ground up for...
  2. Exterior Parts
    Like the title says I am selling my six peace headlights with all components included. This kit is less than 2 years old. Only selling because I want to switch to a one peace headlight. Selling for 100.00 to your door. If purchased the buyer will receive: All 6 Lamps Plus Seals, Plates & HL...
  3. S197 and Coyote Parts
    This grille came off my 2012 with 232 miles. It's in excellent condition. Comes with fog lights too. $150.00 shipped or will sell grille and fog lights separate. Thanks!!
  4. The Body Shop
    I have a 2000 cobra r front bumper that I want to install on my 2000 GT. It's the duraflex brand bumper Part #: 102072. I need some help figuring out what all I need to put fog lights in this bumper. Do I need to buy the 99-01 cobra fog light bezels/brackets and 99-01 fog lights? Or, would I be...
  5. Exterior Parts
    Want to convert my sn95 GT to a Cobra and i need a front bumper,foglights and brackets. Looking for parts that are in real nice shape,no broken or aftermarket stuff. PM me here or email me at pwright at texascarpets dot com.
  6. Exterior Parts
    I am looking to purchase the factory OEM fog lights and bezels from a 1999 Cobra. I would also need all mounting hardware to go along with it, including bezels. I would be interested in any part you might have if not the whole set complete. Thanks Joe
  7. General Mustang Tech
    I decided to do a write-up about installing aftermarket fog lights in a Fox I have a 93 GT, it had originally came with OE fog lights (of course) which are missing. I installed aftermarket fog lamps using the O.E switch, but with a relay, so it wont melt the Headlight harness. This set up...
  8. IMAGE_00002

    Added GT grill w/fog lights to my V6
1-9 of 10 Results