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  1. 94/95 Tech
    I went to check my check engine light and something, or rather nothing happened. My cel stayed solid, I'm assuming that like my '90 grand Marquis before this, my EEC is toast. Do I need to match the numbers on the sticker with the new unit like the mercury? Can I get one with egr and...
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hey fellas , So im installing the sve 3 g alternator from lmr . It came with a 4 gauge wire to go from the alternator to the battery . My question is do i still jeed to use the original black and orange wire that came out of the alternator to the starter solenoid? I feel as if that kinda...
  3. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    Flex-a-lite Black Magic Xtreme 15'' electric fan for Foxbody - I just upgraded my supercharger crank pulley, so I went with a different cooling fan set up. This fan is in perfect working order. Had been using this fan for the past few years, no issues on my daily, Florida car with A/C. Zero...
  4. Fuel System & Related
    Wanting new or used holley or similar electric pumps for non efi motors. e85 safe preferred but buying several pumps. pics required...thanks!
  5. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I'm trying to get my car back together, and one thing I haven't figured out yet is how to mount my alternator. I had a March bracket on it that I used when I was running a mech pump. I've just installed an electric pump, and I'm trying to figure out the best route to go. I'm currently...
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    Like title says.... looking for a contour dual fan setup... also looking for a DCC controller and an overflow catch can. Let me know, Thanks Corral!
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    Wanted: Electric Water pump with backing plate. Text: 732-666-3404 for faster response.
  8. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for some 6.375 pushrods 5/16 and electric water pump for 302
  9. Completed Sales
    I have for sale, my snap-on cordless 1/2" drive impact gun. This gun has been used 4 times, and is pretty much new. It comes with 2 batteries, and the charger. It also has the instructions in the hardcase. I paid close to $600 for it last year, and am looking for $375 obo... PM me for more info...
  10. Modular Engine Parts
    less than 2k miles on it 210 shipped paypal.
  11. S197 Mustang (2005-2010)
    My 95 GT starts perfectly sometimes, but other times the starter clicks like it is about to start and then i have to push start it to get it going. After I turn it off it still wont start until I try again a few hours later. I have replaced the starter a few months ago, and the ignition key...
  12. Windsor Engine Parts
    18" Flex-A-Lite Fan #1518 with Flex-A-Lite Spacer #14538. Comes with everything you need to install. Summit has them listed for $54 for the fan + $16 for the Spacer. Get them for less! $50 + shipping
1-17 of 17 Results