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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    Pro Products 75mm throttle body & EGR spacer, used for maybe 1000 miles, like new, $150 for both.
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have the Explorer 65mm TB I converted and used on my Mustang for sale along with a stock EGR spacer bored to 65mm. They are clean and look new. The TB has the Explorer TPS wired with a Mustang 5.0 connector on it and it has the oill fill tube fitting - it's all plug and play, no issues -...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    Hey guys, Ive got an Accufab throttle body and a BBK/Edelbrock Egr spacer for sale. The throttle body has been polished but will need to be touched up since its been sitting in my tool box for some time. Also it was sold to me from a reliable source as an Accufab but all distinguishing marks...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for an inexpensive 65mm EGR spacer for use with Explorer upper intake. Let me know what you have. I don't care if it looks like crap, in fact, the cheaper the better. Very budget project ;) Found one, closing.
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    In need of a 65mm throttle body, and EGR spacer for my GT40 (Explorer style) setup. Would prefer an aftermarket TB, but may consider stock as well. Please PM me with what you've got, a pic if possible, and a price. Thanks in advance!
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    I need a TB for my TF Track Heat Intake and spacer
1-6 of 7 Results