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edelbrock performer rpm

  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a tmoss ported intake. its still on the car. no damage or stipped bolts. I have paperwork showing before and after flow numbers. flows better then a holley systemax out of the box. I have had this intake for the last 10 years. 500.00 if picked up near St louis Mo. will...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    Performer RPM 5.0 Intake. Bowie, Md sold Intake with professional products 70 mm throttle body email pics available. $300 plus shipping
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a set of RPM Performers for SBF, i had the heads freshened up when i built my motor and they have 3100 miles on them. These heads are both the same part number but one is a new style casting and one is an older style casting, the difference is on of the intake runners goes straight in...
  4. The Body Shop
    I decided to clean up my engine bay a little. I hope to some day be able to do the show quality type where you fill in all the holes and color match it to the exterior. For right now, I think I did a pretty good job. BEFORE: :barf: AFTER: :)
  5. Performer RPM 7

    Performer RPM 7

    Jimmy's parts for sale
  6. Performer RPM 6

    Performer RPM 6

    Jimmy's parts for sale
  7. Performer RPM 5

    Performer RPM 5

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  8. Performer RPM 4

    Performer RPM 4

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  9. Performer RPM 3

    Performer RPM 3

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  10. Performer RPM 2

    Performer RPM 2

    Jimmy's parts for sale
  11. Performer RPM 1

    Performer RPM 1

    Jimmy's parts for sale