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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    As the title says looking for fox body mass air computer. a9l , a9p, a3m, etc. PM or text 936 three six six 56 O two.
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    I bought a nice mustang, cranks but no start, and realized pretty quick someone cleanly cut the ECM out, along with the pigtail. I presume that it was stolen, but maybe the owner needed some fast cash and that was simple enough. regardless, what ECM actually belongs in the car? I went ahead and...
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    A9L $103 Shipped w/ pp fees included I had a Tweecer R/t mated to it and never had any issues with it Can ship same day depending when paid I also have a Tweecer r/t I'll sell but just need to find the cable for it
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    2001 Mustang refused to turn over one day. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, plugs. Lots of gas, lots of spark, lots of power, can start w ether for a few seconds. Relays? Which one(s) most suspect? This car is killin me. Thanks
  5. SVT & DOHC
    I am looking for any instructions on how to replace the engine control computer in a 95 Cobra mustang. I have recently had issues where my Cobra will just shut off when it is very hot outside - even cruising at highway speeds. Once the vehicle cools down for a period of time it will start up...
  6. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    For starters, my car isn't a mustang, but an old f100. However, I swapped the engine and 5 speed trans from a 91 mustang gt. I rebuilt the whole engine, put in an E303 cam, GT40 heads and intake, the heads have a performance valve job and are midly ported. I have 1.6 roller rockers and hardened...
  7. Electronics and Entertainment
    I am selling a brand new only been taken out to look at,Jet power programmer.I won this at a car show last year and I don't have a new enough Ford to use it on. Below is a list from Jet of apps.Thanks I'll take $100 shipped? I'm in Lawrence Park,Pa. email is [email protected] Thanks 1996-2004...
  8. Electronics and Entertainment
    Need an A9L computer. Thanks!
  9. Electronics and Entertainment
  10. Windsor Engine Parts
    Either outright to buy or Also have a 5.0 A9l comp if you want to trade.
  11. General Mustang Tech
    what year is this by any chance? can someon help me or point me in the right direction to look at what plug lets me know the year, cause i want to know if the will for for my 1990 4cyl fox, im doing a swap soon and want to know if this it the right one it also came with the injector harness and...
  12. Electronics and Entertainment
    Got a gen6 silver box for sale, comes with engine harness and injector harness. This is setup to plug into your stock tfi dist. Also have the comm. Cable to go with it. Asking 275.00 if your interested and need pics text me or call me at 972-815-6050 Thanks Sean
  13. Electronics and Entertainment
    My Mark with the HO swap has a bum A9P (it won't talk. swapped in a speed density computer I had on hand and that one will give codes, so the wires are fine... this was only to test the wires, the engine was not started with a speed density computer). My gas mileage has also taken a turn for...
  14. Electronics and Entertainment
    i have a 1994 mustang pcm for sale. Part number is F4VF-12A650-CA this pcm came from a former Bob Bondurant mustang. this is a 60 pin EEC-IV PCM in very good condition. email me for pics price is 150.00 including shipping to the lower 48
  15. EEC Tech
    ok just switched out a turbo set up and went back totally stock. pulled the tune chip out with ecm out of car and battery was 1st thing disconnected. now for some reason along with many other issues the idle wont stay the same and idles a bit high with clutch out and levels down with it in...
  16. Electronics and Entertainment
    Going standalone for fox mod build- so I no longer need the computer $300 OBO. Also have- power distribution harness- $175 OBO Body Harness- $175 OBO New engine harness with new coil on plugs- $250 OBO PCM Harness missing one connection (not sure which one, but will show in pic)- $200...
  17. Electronics and Entertainment
    Looking for someone that has a computer with code W4HO. I'm not sure that the computer is the problem with my car so I would like to find one really cheap or one that someone doesn't need and would let it go for shipping cost. Please help!
1-17 of 18 Results