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  1. Power Adders For Sale
    ISO TorkTech Inlet Elbow for Magnuson superchargers. This part was designed to work on MP112 blowers and TVS1900s. But it also would bolt perfectly up to my MP90 Saleen Blower. Really would love to get one of these for my car while I'm in the process of swapping to a fresh stock long block and...
  2. Other Fords and Trades
    SOLD I am selling my 2002 Ford F-150 Crew Cab Harley Davidson Edition with only 116,000 Highway Miles (Not driven in Stop and Go City Traffic/Open Highway Only) It's Hard to find these Harley Davidson Trucks in Great shape anymore, and with low Miles. Check this one out! Options on this...
  3. V6 Parts
    I would like to buy a m112 kit for my 2000 mustang v6 or if somone has parts of the kit let me know what kind
  4. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking for a Vortec V2 for 03 mach1 Looking for a complete Vortec for my 03 Mach 1. Looking to buy within 2 to 3 weeks so pm me with what you have please include shipping.
  5. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    i got a supercharger off a 2004 cobra and i saw youtube videos with foxbodys that have a eaton on it i need to know what all needs done so i can install it on my car if any one can help please let me know what to do thanks:joy::joy::joy:
  6. Power Adders For Sale
    im selling a one of a kind m90 setup for 96-98 cobras or really any B headed 4.6 its a complete kit. the lower is pretty much the bottom half of the 96-98 cobra intake cut and tig welded to mount a m90. come with everything you will need to install fuel rails,coolant crossover,alternator, and...
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    hey fellows! im just about finished with my 98 cobra's engine swap. all stock 03 build with an eaton. all i lack is the oil cooler, stock supercharger crank idler pulley, 6 rib ribbed idler for the driver side of timing cover, 6rib tensioner for the passenger side of timing cover, all the heat...
  8. Superchargers
    Setup is stock 5.0, longtubes, catless x, mac mufflers, smog delete, ac delete, egr delete, full ignition. Throwing on ported eaton m112, offset adapter, typhoon lower. 1: What injectors to run? 2: Whats the max psi stock 5.0's can handle? 3: What fuel pump, can i still use stock lines and...
  9. Power Adders For Sale
    This thing is in perfect condition and comes off of a low milage 04 Cobra. I never installed it on my car. This is whats included: Eaton m112 supercharger Stock and Billetflow 2.76 pulley Stock plenum and throttle body Throttle bracket Extra Motorcraft supercharger fluid $650 Text or call...
  10. Modular Engine Parts
    Hey guys i have a eaton m112 setup. This includes the headunit which has never been ran, the upper and lower intake with the built in intercooler, a pulley bracket and a idler pulley. The intake (upper and lower) has never been ran, in fact it still has shipping peanuts in it. The blower shows...
  11. Power Adders For Sale
    hi, i made a kit to bolt an eaton m90 onto a stock foxbody lower intake manifold. the m90 outlet has been ported and has a smaller pulley on it. kit works great and sounds awesome boost gauge shows 4-5 psi of boost. everything works great blower has a new snout seal and oil. this kit was made...
  12. Power Adders For Sale
    Don't really know if anybody could do anything with it. Needs to be rebuilt. Still spins free. No use for it. $120 OBO
  13. Modular Engine Parts
    I have some 2003/04 Cobra parts I am looking to sell. I ended up buying a complete engine so I no longer need these. I have listed them below with prices, all prices below are plus PP fees and shipping if not specified. All prices are OBO and I can send pics to your e-mail upon...
  14. Modular Engine Parts
    I have some 2003/04 Cobra parts I am looking to sell. I ended up buying a complete engine so I no longer need these. I have almost a complete supercharger kit along with heads and other parts. I have listed them below with prices, all prices below are plus PP fees and shipping if not...
  15. Power Adders For Sale
    Need to get rid of these. Take them both or single, dont care. Ready to get them out of my shed for cheap. M62 is rebuilt, 0 miles on rebuild. M90 needs bearings. Comes with the throttle body. 450 for both 250 each OBO...DONT BE AFRAID TO OFFER ME ANYTHING FOR AN 87-93
  16. Power Adders For Sale
    Dont know if anybody can use these but im posting these anyway. The M62 has ZERO MILES on the rebuild. Its off of a Nissan Frontier / Xterra. The M90 needs rebuilding. Its off of a thunderbird. Make Offers, dont need either one. Picture is of the M62.
  17. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    It is now time. For a quick history, go here: That was before my daughter was born (she's now in kindergarten), just after I broke my back, and the "girlfriend" mentioned in the article became my wife...
  18. Power Adders For Sale
    for sale is a supercharger, tb, and plenum off a 2003 mustang cobra. It has a 2.8 pulley on it. there is about 40k miles on the blower. it ran great when removed. im asking 500 obo plus shipping for all ill even throw in a steeda tri-ax shifter. pm me or text me at 815-440-0727
1-20 of 32 Results