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    Drifting at RSD in the Poconos
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a 96' 302 from a truck in my car that I built up for drifting and I was wondering what would be the best oil to run in it? Replaced every seal and gaskets. Running Castrol Edge 5w40 full synthetic atm. But was wondering if that will be thick enough for a drifting application for this...
  3. Road Racing/Auto X
    So I know its kind of a black sheep with people who road race/auto x, but car setups are very similar, and a lot of ideas can be shared. I always come in here to see what people are up to because sometimes it helps out with what I'm working on, and I know some people are into drifting. Figured...
  4. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    First off, i want to apologize. I'm sure there is a thread somewhere in the long list of threads on here but, i have had no luck finding for what I'm looking for. All i am finding is threads on EFI setups. My build plan: I'm building my 89 mustang notch as a dedicated drift car to show up the...
  5. Suspension
    Hey Guys, I know this should probably be in the "For Sale" section but I figured something like this should be in this forum first, I hope you all agree? If not, Mods, feel free to move it over there if you see fit... I have been persuaded to start offering suspension parts for Mustangs geared...
1-6 of 8 Results